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Nigeria: As far as I am concerned there is no other party than PDP – Dr Jankada

JankadaDr Salome Jankada is a two time minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, who also is a strong advocate for youth and women empowerment. In this interview, she bared her mind on the crisis in the party and issues ahead of the polity in 2015. Excerpts:

How does the emergence of factions in the PDP affect the party in your state, Taraba?

I don’t know what you mean by New Peoples Democratic Party, but I know there is Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Nigeria. Let me situate it closer for you to understand it better.

You know in the family, the closest unit is the husband, wife and children, and there is bound to be disagreement, talk more of where you have a conglomerate of people coming together, and not for the nation but for self.

Once people feel aggrieved they forget about the binding factor, which is the constitution of this country, which is number one, without which you and I will not be. Talking about nPDP is greed to me. As far as I am concerned there is no other party than PDP.

They are looking for relevance, and I am telling you this as a politician also.

When people go about shouting and clamouring, as politicians, they are looking for relevance.

If people can take charge of their state, what makes them feel Mr. President should not take charge of Nigeria? Everybody is given a constituency and Nigeria is the constituency of Mr. President.

If people are aggrieved as governors let them sit in their states let them solve the problem there and we cannot go about it as we are doing.

Do you subscribe to the call by the Baraje led faction of PDP on President Goodluck Jonathan not to contest in 2015?

When people talk like that I say they are not democrats, because Jonathan has a right just like any other Nigerian to do or not to do, and it is left for Nigerians and not for a single person tell him.

I want to believe that Mr. President is not a fool, he will go and have the feeling of Nigerians, and I am sure that is what he is doing now.

But one person cannot speak for all, because this is democracy, rather he can only speak for himself and the other group will speak for themselves when the time comes. Let us give peace a chance.

In any case, Kawu Baraje is a brother, we have been together in the camp of our leader, the late Olusola Saraki, and I know, coming under the tutelage of the late statesman he can only do what is right, because Saraki believes in one Nigeria, and whatever will move Nigeria forward, anything that is negative you will not find him there, and Baraje is a disciple of Saraki.

How do you envisage 2015 general elections?

It will be excellent. As a Christian, as I say so it shall be for me. I am saying there will be peace; there will be an election of leaders that have been elected by God himself, because leadership comes from God, and those prophets of doom will be the ones to be doomed. So we declare that there will be a peaceful 2015.

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