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National confab: Our quest for Biafra must be respected -Uzokwe

Ikemba OjukwuDr. Ogedi Uzokwe is a United Kingdom- based obstetrician and gynecologist, a member of Bilie Human Rights Group, and a strong advocate of the Sovereign State of Biafra. He told Abuja Metro in this discussion that what the nation needed to salve its unity problem was not actually a national dialogue but a separation that would give birth to the state of Biafra.

The FG has proposed a national conference where some of these crucial issues affecting the country can be trashed out? How can we best use that platform to fix the nation?

My thinking is that this country is a failed state, so I don't believe in anything they are doing because at the end of the day it will be business as usual where the big shots would grow fatter while the poor become poorer.

The National Conference as proposed by President Goodluck Jonathan offers me no hope. But it is on the actualisation of the peoples sovereignty like in the sovereignty of Biafra state and republic I believe in. Only a bold step to divide the country would liberate the people. I want to state that if the call for the national conference is substantial, then my people, the Igbo, which stand for the Biafra project and sovereignty must be accommodated to grant liberation from this country.

Our request as Igbo nation must be respected for the unity of this country let no Nigerian be it president or others in position of authority pretend to be ignorant of or request to have a state because of the injustice we have suffered in Nigeria. Nigeria is signatory to international chatters such as that of the African Union and the United Nations, and knows that a people have the right to aspire to independence from a state that marginalises against them.

Why do you think that Nigeria cannot stay together and make progress until each zone finds its way?

We are now talking of each one going his way because the system cannot contain everybody. Its multi-dimensional background with different political, ethnicity and religion make it impossible for us to stay together that is why the Biafra project has become inevitable for national peace and progress. Before the civil war nobody was talking of parting ways because we thought the circumstances that led to the war in the country were over and had been addressed adequately to forestall any eventuality which may arise again.

But before we could settle down to business, we were in disarray due to a total breakdown of all social justice. As at that time nothing was said about Biafra project. The notion came up after the collapse of good governance in the country. Some parts of this country though with natural resources had no opportunity to rule while those of the minority group were eating fat due to their dominant imposition of leadership with no regard for others. Since then people begin to see leadership position in the country as birth right with no one else to occupy than them. That politics of winners take it all gave rise to Biafra agitation and other ethnic agitations for self actualisation among Nigerians.

Recently people began to speak against other groups, which are in power, claiming that until they are there no other person should be allowed to rule Nigeria. They even claim that Jonathan must not contest for another presidential election because he has no right to do so.

Why are all these utterances just because another person is there and some have decided to make the country ungovernable as they promised to do. All these cumulative problems made us, the Igbo in other lands to shop and fight for a sovereign state of Biafra so that everybody could answer his father's name.

It is better for us to be in peace than to be in pieces. Let us divide ourselves for peace to prevail in the country. Let people begin to make use of their God-given natural resources to develop their place and state

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