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While Amaechi and Omehia are fighting

Celestine omehiaRivers State has been feeling warm and cold for sometime now at the same time. The residents are looking at the state over twenty times at a glare of where it is navigating to, as the Supreme Court had set aside November 11, 2013, to hear the appeal filed by Governor Chibuike Amaechi against legal moves by his political challenger and former governor, Sir Celestine Omehia (a gentleman) to oust him.

Our hearts and thoughts pound with rhyme and rhythm, but many of us are optimistic that the state shall surmount all its political perils and battles, as we can see in the recent times. We are of the conviction that the state is not in deep trouble, but some persons are. These persons want to let the heavens loose, if they are not in the political discourse everyday.

One party is in support and the other, against why the governorship election in Rivers State took place in April 2011, now leading to the governor and his blood cousin, becoming troubled minds.

Rivers State, we have come to endure perilous times in the name of democracy! Although, we were told that there is no brother or friend in politics, but permanent interest. In-spite-of-this, the tension that Rivers State is facing was the product of not getting the 2007 elections right in the state, which compelled Amaechi to go to court and was subsequently declared the winner of the election by the Supreme Court, which Omehia had been declared the winner earlier by the electoral commission.

The irony of it all was that many residents did see beyond personal or group interest lines to see how difficult it was going to be. And here we are today. It is sad that the trouble in Rivers State and between Amaechi and his cousin Omehia, which started like play/fun, have turned out to be considered the single most useful morsel of advise for all politicians and humanity, showing that lucre is absurd and ridiculous.

If not for lucre, how else could two blood brothers be exposing theirselves and family to public ridicule? We would give it to Amaechi and Omehia that their problem is not far from the society assailants’ mantra of ‘I will be bigger than you. You cannot defeat me.’ But this type of trouble between them does not bring experience and wisdom, but shame.

While they are fighting, they do not care to know who the poor are and the weight of their avoidable squabble on the state, hence one wonders if they know that wisdom and understanding, especially among brothers and sisters, parents and relatives, lead to love. Therefore, it behooves on any well-meaning Rivers residents to tell these two brothers that half of the state’s sadness comes from their political tussle years back, which has raged on to date.

Why are they behaving like complete strangers to each other? Gov. Amaechi and Sir Omehia should know themselves, their abilities and, should not take their inglorious political fight as their frailties. It is really an affliction to see two brothers going through life as absolute strangers. And their children may not have peace among theirselves and generational cousins by tommorrow.

No matter who wins in this matter, Gov. Amaechi and Sir Omehia should understand that happiness goes with the journey, not the destination; just like mundane achievements lead us to nowhere, even though we see achieving things in the world as necessary or as necessity.

Let Gov. Amaechi and Sir Omehia release their struggle. Life is inscrutability! This is what they have not realised and they are bent on figuring it out. But it would not end till they go back to the status quo of realising the fact that blood ‘smells’.

Blood is the strength in relationship beyond all measures. An age-long saying warns us thus: “If you don’t get what you want, you suffer; if you get what you don’t want, you suffer; even when you get exactly what you want, you still suffer because you can’t hold on to it forever.”

While the Supreme Court verdict that declared Amaechi winner in 2007 and the electoral commission which declared him winner in 2011 know the best, is it not a thought inside the box that we continue to hear about all these troubles in the state again about the elections? We cannot say that the almighty Supreme Court ignited the fire, because it was believed that it knows it all in the area of laws and how they are implemented and executed. The problem could rather be said is selfish chase.

Let’s embrace what is good for the state and leave every other for the good of our Rivers State. Gov. Amaechi and Sir Omehia should awake to the realities of brotherhood and not to the lies of politicians and their agents, which tell them that blood lies among political parties and their egotistical interest and not in our families.

Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

Tel: +2348057778358.

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