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No Amnesty for Ombatse Cult, Says Al-Makura

Nasarawa State Governor, Alhaji Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, Thursday denied media reports credited to him, suggesting that the state government would grant amnesty to members of the Ombatse cult.
The governor made this known while briefing journalists in Abuja.
He noted that his administration would not pre-empt the outcome of the judicial commission of enquiry set up by the state government to ascertain the remote and immediate causes of the killings of over 50 security personnel by the militia group.
According to him, the report was an absolute misrepresentation of the views he canvassed while delivering a lecture at the Institute of Security Studies in Abuja.
He said the story was a figment of the writers’ imagination.
“There was nothing like that in the cause of my presentation and even during the question and answers session, the only thing that came close to it was when somebody asked about disarmament, and I said we cannot talk about disarmament until the commission of enquiry has finalised its work,” he said.
The governor further insisted that the killers of the security personnel and perpetrators of other killings in the state would not escape the wrath of the law.
“We will not have anything to do with amnesty now, at no time in the cause of discussion did I ever mention amnesty, the criminals must be fished-out and their atrocities will not be left unpunished, justice must be done,” he added.
Al-makura said the government was displeased with the report, but maintained that his administration would continue to foster a peaceful coexistence among the ethnic groups in the state.
“The government  is concerned about the inconveniences this report might have caused the public, especially the victims of these attacks and the Judicial Commission of Inquiry  currently investigating the killings of security operatives in Alakyo and other communities,” he said.

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