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Sovereign national conference: A possible threat to national unity

JonathanIt can be clearly understood that the phrase “Sovereign National Conference” entails the gathering of elected representatives appointed by numerous tribal communities with the purpose of discussing and conversing on the key problems enclosed around the socio-cultural, economic, religious, and the political system of the state  ever since the fusion of the country as a whole, with the major aim of providing an effective and workable solutions to these problems for a complete restructuring of the growth and stability of all sectors of the state.

     Over the years and in recent times, notable figures, politicians, interest and organized groups, and a host of individuals have remained resolute for the convocation of a Sovereign National Conference (SNC) in tackling the dilemma bedevilling the country. Several people have emphasized on the need for a round table conference with the assurance and hope that it will acquire solutions to the disintegration of the country. On the other hand, some have refuted the claim, consistently reiterating that it could lead to confusion and threat to the system.

     Needless to say, in a country apparently encircled and ravaged with disunity, ethnocentricity, religious bigotry, as well as the sentimental and one-sided nature amongst the people, the clamour and eagerness for a Sovereign National Conference appears to be faint and undoubtedly implausible. The divided mindset and attitudes of individuals towards each other cannot give way for an opportunity of conducting a Sovereign National Conference as people would be found engaging each other in a fierce competition in terms of hegemonic factors of virtually all aspects.

This would only spew out the ethnically biased nature of jingoists as narrow-minded people would focus on the desire for whom to claim leadership. Conflicts may arise in the midst of diverse tribes and clans over the election of a qualified and a preferred delegate who would positively guarantee and submit to the yearnings of the people as well as represent them equally. Relentless, treacherous, manipulative and unyielding self-centred individuals are bound to rise to the surface to strive at all times in producing a puppet-controlled representative who will succumb to the ill-fitting demands and selfish goals of the individuals in pursuit of their personal interests. There will be avenue to satisfy their selfish ambition.

The demands of the well-meaning citizens would be disregarded. This will further lead to division, hatred, betrayal, unhealthy rivalry, disloyalty, ethno-religious crisis which could trigger an internal strife among the regions of the country. It undeniably poses as a threat to national unity. SNC cannot proffer solutions to the socio-political quagmire plaguing the state. It is the leaders of the country in various institutions that have failed to live up to the expectation of the people as honest and responsible leaders. The move can be expressed as nothing further than an attempt to destroy the nation.

     The pressing demand for the council of a Sovereign National Conference is totally uncalled for, unwarranted, insignificant, unjust, unacceptable and groundless to the development of the Nigerian economic system. This could threaten the existence of the state as it would merely favour some regions while other regions may be left out. In an unforeseen formidable quest for supremacy of the Nigerian economic and political system by repugnant and dogmatic people, there is a probability that the minorities might be suppressed by the majority. This may possibly lead to dissimilarities and violence may erupt amongst people.

     Nevertheless, before Nigerians begin to yell and clamour for Sovereign National Conference, they must proffer solutions towards dealing with the seemingly unending inequality among Nigerians and enhance equity and fairness. Unless a strong and indivisible unity can be verified in the country, the SNC which is too far from reality cannot be recognized, which must be rejected and disapproved by all means. Until then, we look forward to a country with undivided, unbiased and equitable citizens.        

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