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NIGERIA: Alleged kidnap kingpin, Kelvin resurfaces

Members of Liberation Movement of the Urhobo People, LIMUP, led by Kelvin, in Kokori, Tuesday. UGHELLI — LEADER of Liberation Movement of the Urhobo People, LIMUP, Kelvin, has resurfaced and issued a 60-day ultimatum to Delta State and Federal Governments to address unemployment and poverty in the Urhobo nation and Kokori in particular.
Led by the dreaded alleged kidnap kingpin in Delta State, Mr. Kelvin, the group said if the issues were not addressed, the governments risk the destruction of oil installations in Urhobo land.
Kelvin also urged the governments to grant LIMUP members amnesty.
Speaking in Kokori, Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State, Tuesday evening in the presence of over 3,000 youths and women of the community, Kelvin said he was not a kidnapper, adding “what is happening as a result of our activities in the state and the country is for the Federal Government to know that we are angry.
‘Why we are angry’
“The reason why we are here today (Tuesday night) is because of the continuous cheating of our people by the Federal Government.
“Now we want them to hear us because for over 50 years they have been drilling oil from our community (Kokori), which has the second best oil in this country. Yet we have nothing to show for it.
“The community has no roads. They constructed wooden bridges in areas that need formidable bridges that will last for a long time. There is hunger everywhere and graduates have no job.
“So, we want the government to listen to us. We are giving the government a 60-day ultimatum to listen to us or else we will shut down all the oil well heads in the area.
“Let them bring the Army. When we want to strike, no amount of security can stop us. There are highly placed people in this country and in foreign lands backing us.
Why Kelvin
“The reason they have been hearing of the name ‘Kelvin’ is because of what I just told you. I am the Kelvin. I am like two million Kelvin. I am not a kidnapper.
“Our activities in the state and the country are for the Federal Government to know that we are angry. We want to attract the attention of the governments.
“The government must listen to us because while Boko Haram is destroying in the North, we will be destroying from the South.
“We will destroy all the oil well heads in the Urhobo nation, not only in Kokori, after the expiration of the 60 days ultimatum. Then the Federal Government will know that we don’t make empty threats.
“But we will remain calm within the next 60 days. But if they think we cannot do anything, then they will hear from us after the expiration of the ultimatum.
“If the Federal and state governments think the existing peace in the state is because of security agencies, they should know that it is not. We just want to see what they will do.
“If they don’t relieve our mothers, brothers, sisters and fathers from the present sufferings within the next 60 days, we will not fail to strike. I know I cannot fight the Federal Government alone but I will do things that will touch their marrow.”
Kokori women react
Speaking on behalf of the women, two of the community’s women, who spoke on condition of anonymity, decried the unemployment rate among the youths of the area and absence of infrastructure in the community.
They urged government to grant the youths amnesty and embark on youth employment and women empowerment.
One of them said: “We thank God that brought Kelvin to salvage the situation. He is really our messiah. What he is doing is good because it is the only way the government can listen to us.
“It is the father of Kelvin that owns the land where oil is being drilled in the community on daily basis.
“The soil is no longer fertile for farming because of the oil drilling. We have wealth in abundance yet we are suffering. Restiveness today in our community is necessitated by the abject poverty in the land.”
Declared wanted
Kelvin, a suspected kidnap kingpin, has been on the wanted list of the police and Joint Military Task Force, JTF, for about a year over his alleged involvement in kidnap activities in the state.
Not long ago, he was reported to have spoken with Delta State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Aduba, on phone, requesting for amnesty.

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