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The Canalisation of the weapons of our warfare!

El RufaiThe Canalisation of the weapons of our warfare!
… and touch screen Christianity…

In recent times, I have had to go back to my Bible to check and recheck what is said in the Book of 2nd Corinthians 10:4, satisfied that that portion has not been edited to suit some of the attitudes I see and hear about these days, heaved a sigh of relief.

That not withstanding, I am of the view that there is need for us as Christians to take a cursory look at the way and manner we are becoming increasingly radicalised, not on the word, but of the world.

Two stories comes to mind here.

I read somewhere yesterday that the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) gave an ultimatum to Nasir El Rufai to within seven days name the person he said bought the air plane for Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor or face their wrath. So Christians now can issue their own Fatwa? This polluted environment has taken so much control of us that instead of changing the world, we are being changed by the world. I know many will support this simply because they dont like Nasir El Rufai, but this is beyond Nasir. This is about a sane man running after a mad man who made away with his clothes while he was bathing. This is about an organisation that is on the highway to losing its relevance because it is engaging in things ordinarily it should have no business with.

Let Pastor Oritsejafor take El Rufai to court. While CAN focus on less personal issues involving its officers.

Few days ago, I got wind that members of a popular Church went to Alaba market to fight those mass producing a video CD said to contain recordings from an estranged member. And from news sources, they went violent about it which resulted in a fracas that could have led to loss of lives.

Who are we copying. When has the Church become an arm of the Nigerian Copyright Commission? To what extent will the way they chose to go about such help in mitigating the damage already caused by the said video( if any), dont they know that by taking such route, they are making that video more popular. Are they aware that in this information age, that video went viral with many saving it in their gadgets?

If that Church felt that the said CD is rebellious, they should go to court,or leave it for God to handle. Lies will soon fritter away.

Yet the weapons of our warfare are not canal.

What making me more concerned is this this creepy idea making the rounds that we have to be vocal and not keep quiet, I am not against being vocal, but I would like to contest the content of our outspokenness.

They are saying we also have to be politically involved which is not a bad idea. But what are we planning to make out of politics, is it to influence the system with the grace that is at work in us, or to grab power and do what others do with it?

Some say we should not be seen to be reactive, we should be proactive, and I quite agree with that too. But our proactivity should be targeted towards being the very changes we wish to see in our world.

I think there is need for caution in this unbridled effort to replicate almost everything that is out there, because if it is not checked, some day, and that day might be sooner than later, some will suggest we also train our young men in the use of explosives, and justify it with the environment.

“The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.”—II Cor. 10:4.

I was tempted to write this after watching Jean Vanier in this video.–what-is-christian-about-christian-leadership-16

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