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18 Soldiers Get Death, Jail Sentences Over Boko Haram Terrorism.

Nigeria Soldiers For their alleged links the Islamic terror group, Boko Haram, some soldiers are to face death penalty while others will go to jail. Those affected are one lieutenant, one warrant officer and 16 others. 
The General Court Martial has been trying them since July 1, this year. They were accused of offences ranging from communicating with Boko Haram members, cowardly behaviour, murder, to manslaughter. 
They were being tried by the Three Armoured Division as the case fell within its Area of Responsibility (AOR).
A military source said that those soldiers who were sentenced to death actually deserved the sentence because “for serving soldiers who swore to defend the territorial integrity of Nigeria and Nigerians therein to be found conniving with the enemies of Nigeria (Boko Haram) is a treasonable offence which attracts capital punishment.
“The Boko Haram members do not hide their sinister agenda. They want to destabilize the country. Everybody knows that. For soldiers to now secretly work with them at the expense of the country is treasonable. And it is so treated.” 

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