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Ratings: Jonathan scores 57% in NOI polls

Goodluck JonathanABUJA—Jonathan’s performance rating soared to 57 per cent last month, according to NOI Polls, citing results of its monthly opinion polls on President Goodluck Jonathan’s performance.

“Latest monthly governance poll result released by NOIPolls Limited has revealed that almost 6 in 10 (57%) Nigerians approve of President Goodluck Jonathan’s job performance in the month of August 2013”, the organisation said in the report.

According to the polls, August’s score indicated a 4-Point increase in the job approval rating of the President from the 53 per cent rating in July and marked the highest approval rating the President has scored since January 2013.
“Furthermore, same as in July, the results indicated that (42%) of Nigerians rated the performance of the current administration as average. However, there was a slight decline (2-point) in the proportion of Nigerians (36%) that had experienced some improvements in the power supply in August.

The polls showed that President Jonathan’s approval rating in August was highest in South-East (76%), North Central (70%) and South-South (66%).

The highest proportion of respondents that disapproved of the President’s performance were from the North-West zone with 31% (28%+3%) down from 40% in July, followed by the North-East zone with 26% (14%+12%) down from 31% in July.

The largest number of respondents that were neutral towards the president’s performance was from the South-West zone with 33% up from 26% in July. In addition, more female (60%) than male (54%) respondents approve of the President’s job performance.

The organisation said that the Governance Snap Poll was conducted in the week of August.

The results presented are the eighth in the monthly series of governance polls conducted by NOI Polls to gauge the opinions and perceptions of Nigerians regarding three crucial elements – the approval rating of the president, the performance of the current administration, and the situation of power supply in the country.

Respondents to the poll were asked three specific questions:  Do you approve or disapprove of the performance of President Jonathan in the past 1 month?: The result from this question revealed that, overall, almost 6 in 10 Nigerians surveyed (57%: 14%+43%) approve of the President’s job performance over the past month, where 14% strongly approve and 43% approve.
*President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife at 2013 PDP Special National Convention . Photo by Gbemiga Olamikan.

*President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife at 2013 PDP Special National Convention . Photo by Gbemiga Olamikan.

Comparatively, a total of 19% of respondents indicated disapproval of the President’s performance, with 15% indicating they disapprove and 4% strongly disapprove, while, 24% of the respondents remained neutral in rating his performance as they neither approve nor disapprove.

NOIPolls analysis showed that the president’s rating in an eight-month series showed that the approval rating of the President’s performance initially experienced an increase from January (50%) to February (54%), and then experienced a continuous decline from February to April (42%). Afterwards, it increased in May (44%) and was stable in June and has experienced a continuous increase in three months from June (44%) to August (57%); the highest rating so far in 2013.

In order to measure the performance of the current administration, respondents were also asked: How would you rate the performance of this current administration in the past 1 month?  Overall, the majority (42%) were of the opinion that the current administration has performed averagely. In addition, while a total of 35% indicated they performed well, where 8% said it performed very well and 27% said it performed well; 23% rated their performance as poor, with 4% percent

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