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Legalization of Abortion in Imo State

Rochas Okorocha"Legalizing abortion is a reasonable and sensible thing to do. Any argument to the contrary is probably based on the failure to understand or analyze fully the issues involved. Indeed, for non-lawyers, the term, legalize, conveys a meaning inconsistent with reality.

To legalize abortion does not mean that people are encouraging abortion. Indeed, there would be fewer abortions if you legalize it than if you leave it as it is – which actually means that you turn a blind eye to what is going on.

Also, it is totally, totally incorrect to see abortion as murder. That is really wrong. It is usually a person who does not know how murder is defined under the law that would call it murder.

I haven't read this law in question, but as a matter of principle, we ought to legalize abortion and regulate it more effectively to reduce abuses and danger to the health of our women.

I have been totally baffled by the way Africa, particularly Nigerians approach simple things. Before you know it, they would be quoting the bible as their argument against legalizing abortion. I consider that really the African at his lowest. All European countries legalized abortion. That is enough to throw away the biblical argument.

It was the same Europeans that brought the bible to you. They brought you the stuff while you were naked in the farms. They wrote the thing too. How can you try to use it to challenge them? It would have made better sense if those who oppose legalization based on religion could go back and rely on Amadioha or Ani Okpueze Shrine. At least, white man cannot argue with you on the information you receive from Amadioha. But please don't try to defeat the whiteman with the bible. They wrote it

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