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NIGERIA: Aides Blast Rochas, Accuse Him Of Favoring Relations, Friends In Government

Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha It is becoming clearer by the day that the relationship between the Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha and his former Aides has developed “K leg” following the dissolution of the State Executive Council, and Award to some of them whom the Governor claimed distinguished themselves in service.
Most of the sacked Okorocha Aides who spoke to this Newspaper with the plea that they should not be mentioned, said they saw “hail” while their tenure in office lasted.
The past Aides, mostly the Commissioners said it was as if the Governor deliberately put them in office to fail, as he removed all their powers, without even the fund to execute projects in their Ministries.
The angry Commissioners told Trumpeta that those whom Okorocha wanted to succeed in office, which were mainly his relations, friends and inlaws got all the support from the Governor to excel in their various positions, but others were abandoned.
A particular Commissioner from Orlu Zone asked how Okorocha expected him to perform in office when all the paraphernalia of his office were stripped from him, with contracts in his Ministry awarded from Government House.
“Imagine a Commissioner who has not even ordinary power to appoint who becomes his Personal Assistant. The powers that be does everything for you including awarding contracts to plant flowers in your office” Trumpeta was told.
One Special Adviser to Okorocha, who swore he knew he would not return due to his boldness, hinted Trumpeta that he was just a “passenger” while he lasted in office.
“I was not given an office, not to talk of official vehicle. I can’t even visit my village because I don’t have money to entertain crowds that will visit me. I regret ever accepting this position. My political rating has reduced now” He told Trumpeta.
Another appointee asked what Okorocha used as criteria in measuring the contribution of his appointees to his administration.
“None of those people Governor Okorocha gave awards did better than all of us. How can he say that his blood sister and son-inlaw were good? Has Imo State Government become a family estate? Tell me what Nkeiru Sylvanus did that made her win an Award? A person, whose kidnap incident brought a lot of bad image to Imo State?” A former Commission fumed.
The former Aides however, wished the Governor well, saying that if he could treat them the way he did at Ahiajoku Centre, others will still face this treatment, if not now later.
“Imagine the Governor telling the whole world that some of us leave our offices running around him for eye service. He really disgraced us in the public. It was unbecoming of a Leader” Trumpeta was told.
“Most of us have regretted. What will Jude Agbaso tell us now? The other problem now is that most of us did not make a kobo. Unless he allows us to go home with our official vehicles and pay us our severance allowances. Please, help us highlight it, please” one of the frustrated past Aide lamented.

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