ANAPIN Pledges Support for Nigeria’s Quest for Global Economies

 Association of Nigerian in American Professionals in Nigeria

The Association of Nigerian in American Professionals in Nigeria (ANAPIN) has pledged support for Nigeria’s bid to rank among the world’s top 15 economies by the year 2030, with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $4 trillion and an annual growth rate of above six per cent.
President of the Association, Mr. Emmanuel Okoro, gave the assurance during a special meet and greet event in Abuja where he added that some experts who do not understand Nigeria’s economic terrain have said the country cannot attain such feat until 2050.

According to the organisation, some strategic drivers of macro economic growth however need to be urgently addressed by all relevant stakeholders.

“There should be youth employment and empowerment, for there to be peace, because when the youth are not empowered, people tend to use them for the perpetration of different negative vices. Also there should be steady rate of educational improvement leading to a truly educated working class, and the entrenchment of the rule of law and a genuine fight against corruption,” he said.
These, he said, would encourage Nigerian professionals in the Diaspora to return home and contribute to driving the economy in line with global best practices.

“The situation on ground can be better, that is why we are saying that if given the opportunity we will add value to it. Our position is that instead of engaging in constant and savage indictment of leadership of this nation, we should look for ways to proffer solution and we think, we can do that, there are ways in terms of excellence that this organisation can fill the gap”, Okoro added.
He also urged the federal and state governments to provide business enabling environment by addressing the matter of insecurity urgently, ensuring the diversification of the economy and discourage the monolithic dependence on oil.

“There should also be investment in infrastructure, establishment of strategic structures which are equipped to address the impact of the projected growth, both challenges and opportunities, such issues include climate change and environmental pollution and also the establishment of a product based economy rather than a consumption based and import dependent economy.     
“And as professionals, having acquired culture of excellence from the United States, we have so many areas that we can help Nigeria. We have professionals from different fields who are ready to contribution to the development of Nigeria,” he said.

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