NIGERIA: IGBO Traders In Lagos Paraded by State Agents

Igbo traders maltreated by Lagos policeThe men being forced to lie on dirty grounds by combined team of armed military and police personnel are traders at the Ladipo Market, Lagos, which was recently shut down by the Lagos State Government purportedly over issues with ‘environmental sanitation’ – and we all know where they hail from.

Why treat them as mere criminals – for goodness sake, these are men whose wares have been seized/locked up and they are now being paraded as mere criminals!
Anybody familiar with the Lagos terrain knows quite well that the reasons’ being advanced by the Government is hogwash! If you want to see ‘environmentally unsafe’ markets in Lagos, visit Mushin, Oyingbo, Oshodi, Barriga, Yaba and some other markets which for obvious reasons they are treated and seen by Lagos Government as ‘no-go areas’ for ‘closures’".

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