BASL Inaugurates Automated Car Park at MMA2

 Bi Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL) has inaugurated the the automation of the Multi-storey Car Park (MSCP) at the Murtala Muhammed Airport Two (MMA2), Lagos after its completion.

The project was inaugurated at a brief ceremony on Monday after the contractor handling it formally handed it over to the Chief Executive Officer of BASL, operator of MMA2, Mr. Christophe Penninck, who expressed joy that the project was finally completed.

A statement by the spokesman of BASL, Chief Steve Omolale, quoted Penninck, while cutting the tape to inaugurate the project, as praising the Group Managing Director/CEO of Interswitch Limited, Mr. Mitchell Elegbe, and his team for “a job well done”.

Omolale said that BASL embarked on the project to lessen the burden of passengers and other airport users at the 800-capacity Multi-Storey Car Park.

“The car park has been fully automated in a bid to make the use of the facility easier. Each of the three floors of the four-floor car park has a fully automated entry and exit barriers and column gates.

“The new system comes with automated time-stamped ticket and various electronic applications, such as windscreen chip, access card and drive touch button.

“The car park manager has a control system managing all points and in-phone facility for communications from his office to the cash points and entry point. This has eliminated the manual ticketing of the car park users,” Pennink said.

The statement said that a ticket holder had been installed in the column gate at the exit point to withhold successful tickets after being processed and reject failed tickets for further processing at the cash points.

Caption: Rwanda Air
Rwand Air Gives Out Car to Lucky Passenger
Chinedu Eze

East Africa’s new entrant into the Nigerian air transport market, Rwand Air, has given out a Kia Rio to a passenger in a promo aimed at appreciating its growing customers in the country.

The Country Manager of Rwand Air, Josephine Fifi Rurangwa, said the promo was also part of the airline’s corporate social responsibility which is a way of saying thank you to its Nigerian customers.

“Rwand Air has been in the Nigerian market for more than two years now; actually it will be three years by the end of this year, 2014. Our main objective of awarding one of our passengers with a vehicle, Kia Rio was a way of showing care and appreciation for the Nigerian market for a warm welcome and also as corporate social responsibility to empower our passengers.

Rurangwa said in the last two years Rwand Air passengers have given support to the airline with their patronage so the giving of the car was a kind of “small token” to recognise this support.

She explained how the airline chose the lucky winner of the promo, which lasted about six months.

We had this promotion over a long period; more or less about six months and every passenger that travelled during that period his or boarding pass was kept in a basket and each one of them stood a chance to win. For that period I can say we had about 7,000 passengers.”

The winner was picked during the Rwanda Day at the last Akwaaba exhibition earlier in the year which was held at Eko Hotel, Lagos but after picking the winner, he was nowhere to be found. It was later learnt that the winner, a Nigerian resident in Dubai was not going to be reached easily.

It took over a month before the winner was located in Dubai. Rurangwa narrated how the winner was picked: “He was actually picked by the organiser of Akwaaba, Mr. Ikechi Uko. Why I said it was a beautiful story is that our winner was not in Nigeria when he was picked, although he is a Nigerian. We came to know that the winner was no more a resident in Nigeria but lives abroad.

"So we went to hunt for the winner. I found him almost a month ago. When I got his phone number and called him he did not pick my call. I sent him SMS message, it took him 48 hours to respond to me.”

The lucky winner, Adebowale Olumide Julius Adenikan Jaiyeola attributed his being picked as winner of the promo to God, saying that he did not have any incline about the promo.

“Winning the award was an act of God. Last year I decided to fly Rwand Air when I had an emergency that needed I return home urgently. I work in conjunction with Dubai holding, that is Jumeira Group, so it was very easy for me to get my tickets. I just went direct to one of the business centres there and I booked my Rwand Air ticket from Dubai to Nigeria. I didn’t know anything about promo. It was just like a miracle.”

He explained that when he was called on the phone he rarely used, it took him several days before he could see the SMS message sent to him and when he saw it he thought it was an act of fraudsters because he did not believe its possibility, as he knew he did not enter any promo.

“I use four phones, the one they contacted me on was the one I don’t carry on me so I switched off and put it in my drawer but one day I picked it up and switched it on and a message came and I saw the name and the position, Country Manager, Rwand Air and I thought this was 419 (fraud) and I threw the phone back into the drawer. But my lady encouraged me to investigate the message.”

It took him time to realise that he had won a car in a Rwand Air promo and when he did he was highly elated.

“But up till now it still surprises me. It was God that made it possible. My trip back was awesome. I know what it costs to buy a new car. I am not resident in Nigeria but God just gave me this. I really appreciate it and I love it so much. Rwand Air is the best. As I don’t live in Nigeria now, I will give the car to my family. They are happy to have it. I dedicate the car to my mum.”

The Country Manager disclosed that Lagos was the airline’s first destination in West Africa and that business has been good. The airline has also opened Accra route and hopes to open the Abuja destination soon.

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