Mobile tech changing Brands, consumer relations

Nigeria based Digital Media Agency, Terragon Group, is part of the mobile revolutionists who are currently converging in Barcelona Spain, predicting the size and shape of the new world to come.
As different predictions are flying on what to expect with the bursting mobile revolutions, the Nigerian company through its Group MD, visitors at Terragon stand at the ongoing Mobile world congress in Barcelona, Spain visitors at Terragon stand at the ongoing Mobile world congress in Barcelona, Spain, Mr Elo Umeh has added its own voice.
It says that Mobile technology would be the next step in the marketing evolution and a definitive medium that would redefine the way brands interact and engage their target audiences in Africa.
Incidentally, Africa is a continent where over half of its inhabitants will access the internet for the first time on the mobile device.
Umeh’s prediction is based on his observation that the industry is experiencing a tremendous shift in media consumption by the mass market to mobile like never before, especially in Africa which currently accounts for the highest growth of smart phones globally.
He said that “Mobile penetration in Africa is stipulated to be about 80% in 2013 and growing. Right now there are more mobile devices than there are television sets. Mobile and digital services have the potential to generate significant earnings and boost the economies in Africa”.
He added that a recent research by Gartner Inc, specifically predicted that African Telecoms firms would generate over $1.3 billion in mobile advertising revenue alone by 2016.
His deduction was that “the global market for mobile advertising will reach $18 billion in 2014 and grow to $41.9 billion by the end of 2017, which goes to show the potential that mobile advertising has, not only in Africa but globally”.
Terragon is making its debut appearance and is showcasing its three business units at the Mobile World Congress with the aim of showing the Global community the business potential of the African market. Terragon’s focus is on Digital Media Marketing, Mobile Content Aggregation and Marketing as well as Mobile Advertising.
Terragon Group boasts of Africa’s first indigenously owned mobile advertising network Twinpine, which provides a platform for owners of mobile platforms including mobile sites, mobile apps and social networks, to make money from advertisers by serving ads on their various platforms for the African audience. Part of the exhibition from Twinpine includes a demonstration of the first mobile advertising platform custom built for the African consumers with unique value add and specific market solutions for the African continent.

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