NIGERIA: Nigeria earned $600bn from oil in 53 years — Ezekwesili

Nigeria has so far earned over $600 billion from oil in the last 53 years.
This claim  was made, yesterday, by  Oby Ezekwesili,  a former  Vice President of the World Bank and one time  Minister of Education while delivering a key-note address at the  All Progressives Congress, APC,  National Summit in Abuja.
She lamented that despite this huge oil revenue which was higher than what Europe needed to transform its economy, Nigeria’s Human Development Index, HDI, still remained dismal and comparable to that of Chad.
She also declared that the nation’s mortality rate was comparable to that of Afghanistan.
Commenting on the problem posed by corruption to the nation’s development, she said a recent survey by Transparency International indicated that 75 per cent of Nigerians believed that the government’s fight against corruption was not effective.
She also accused the  nation’s political class  of lacking the milk of human kindness ever since terrorist activities escalated in the Northern part of the country three years ago.
She declared that anybody who profited from the killings that had been going on the Northern part of the country must face judgement before God.
Ezekwesili also stated that the origin of Nigeria’s many problems laid with the nation’s elite.
She advised the political class that its interest should not be just how to grab power, adding that they needed living people as citizens in the society they wished to govern.
The former World Bank chief also counselled the political class to consider addressing the structure of the nation since it had become obvious that Nigeria’s problem laid in its faulty foundation

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