Panasonic Unveils HC-MDH2 Camera

Panasonic Corporation, one of the leaders in the development and electronic manufacturing for a wide range of consumers, business and industrial needs, has unveiled its pro-style shoulder-mount Full-HD camcorder HC-MDH2.
According to the company, the camcorder is equipped with simultaneous recording function, allows recording on dual memory devices simultaneously, a “5-Axis Hybrid O.I.S+ and Level Shot Function” which suppresses blur and tilting and has a “New High-Sensitivity ½.3 sensor,” which ensures the recording of beautiful image even when shooting in low-light conditions.
Assistant Director Imaging Business Division, AVC Networks Company, Panasonic Corporation, Japan, Yoshiaki Sawada, said at the unveiling of the high definition video camera HC-MDH2, that the device is reliable, easy to use, cost effective and durable.
“MDH2 is unique and its features include ergonomic pro-style design, dependable recording system and advanced picture quality, which can be used both for video production and film production,” he reiterated.
Manager, Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa, Mohammed Akbar, who anchored the presentation on the features of the new offering, said the camera has two Secure Digital (SD) card so as to aid back up recording, has capacity of recording for a long time, has a flexible viewfinder, an Omni and unidirectional microphone and good lens.
“The camera enables photographers to shoot still photos at 20Megapixel resolution and video in full high definition or in standard definition format. When it is positioned with the most suitable distance from the photographer, it allows the photographer to be able to spot certain special moments that need to be captured, in his peripheral vision,” he stated.
Other features pointed out by Akbar include direct manual control of focus, Zoom, Iris, White Balance, shutter speed, via the manual ring are incorporated based on user needs to have control over varying shooting conditions

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