Marrying an Older Man: Will it Bother You?

Choosing a life partner is entirely within one’s discretion, and may be a difficult choice to make. In Africa we expect your parents to be on your neck to bring a choice of mate home, your siblings may draw the list of babes you have gone out with and tend to help you make a choice, that is if you consider it hard to make a choice from one or you think any of them is not good enough. This will further put you in a dilemma.

old man marriageThen if you are a woman you may consider getting married to that man about 20 years older than you are. Some ladies have on their own willingly made the choice of finding their mate in older men old enough to father them. Making a choice we know could either make or mar you, depending on how it turns out for you, after all, you just may conclude that marriage is like gift which if you open surprises you with whatever you find in it.

Women, who go for older men, usually do so because they feel that older men could take better care of them, or as a result of pity, but we know that majority of them have done so because they wish to dig gold where they have not mined. A lot of them have actually succeeded with them marriages turning out to be admired, and at the other hand, a crazy example for other to follow.

In this article, you are told what we expect marrying older men, the major challenges one derivable from this kind of marriage is rejection, both couple may be faced with rejection, while the man may psychologically express the feeling that he is being rejected as a result of his advancement in age, the woman also feels the same towards her man whom she may assume might reject her too. There again gain comes the attitude of friends of the couple either avoids the couple or behave coldly towards them. This attitude can best be felt in public places, a lot of these friends will at best prefer to visit the couple at home rather than identify with them in public view.

Another snag is that the number of younger guys that may visit you as a lady become be drastically reduced because of the suspicion from your hubby that you could get snatched or that something kind of funny may be happening between you too. I mean he could just be having an easy fling with you much to his unawareness; you excuses of genuine late arrivals from your place of work may result to impossible subterfuges. The result is when that young guy accosts you with pleasantries you in the presence of your husband you are left with no option than ignore him until such a time it is conducive to reciprocate. This is the point of meeting of jealousy and suspicion, creeping into your life, remembers that nothing helps to ruin a hard earned marriage much quicker than suspicion which develops legs and approaches when and where he is not welcomed.

At this time of the relationship, you are hedged around with rules and regulation, riot acts are read to you, and you begin to wonder why all these are so. At its peak, you run to friends, for advice, and finally to your parents who scream at you reminding you on just how disappointed they felt the first day you came home with your daddy-husband to be. And if you are of African descent, your husband’s family vituperates you recalling to you the reason you decided to marry their son, you have definitely done so because your clear intention is to inherit his estate upon his death.

You may consider this very unfair, but all you owe yourself is sit down, think of newer plans to help you move on. Will it bother you if you marry an older man? 

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