Kenyan man tells how he killed family in US

Top from left: Justus Isaboke Ogendi who described in gruesome detail how killings were done and Bilha Omare who was clubbed after being accused of infidelity by the husband. Bottom from left: Kinsley Isaboke Ogendi who was held under water and drowned and Ivyn Bosibori Ogendi who was smothered with a pillow before being strangled. Photos/COURTESY A Kenyan who confessed to killing his wife and two children in the US told investigators how he hit her with a golf club and strangled her with an electric cord.

He described how he then laced the children’s drinks with drugs before drowning one and strangling the other.

The horrific details were contained in a complaint filed on Friday when Justus Ogendi Kebabe appeared in a Ramsey County court charged with the murder of his wife Bilha Omare, 32, in Minnesota.

He is also accused of killing their children, Kinsley Isaboke Ogendi, 12, and nine-year-old Ivyn Bosibori Ogendi.

The bodies were found in the couple’s apartment on Wednesday night. The couple’s four-year-old child was found with Mr Kebabe when he was arrested.

Mr Kebabe, who on Thursday tried to commit suicide by stuffing toilet paper down his throat, was granted bail of Sh240 million ($3 million) and placed on suicide watch with a guard checking on him every 15 minutes.

The eight-page complaint obtained by the Daily Nation says Mr Kebabe, from Kisii, told authorities he had an argument with his wife on Monday over an alleged extra-marital affair he thought she was involved in.

He then struck Ms Omare with a golf club and strangled her after she started screaming, says the complaint. The couple’s children returned home after school but, unaware that their mother was lying dead in the apartment, went to bed, according to the complaint.

In the morning, the complaint says, Mr Kebabe prepared fruit juice for the children and added Tylenol PM pills (a pain and fever reliever) and gave to the children.

He told investigators that when their eldest child, Kinsley went to take a bath, he followed him and held his head under water, drowning him as the boy screamed “Stop daddy stop!”

He took the body into a bedroom and covered it with blankets before leaving the room and locking the door.

The complaint says Mr Kebabe told authorities he then went into Ivyn’s room, where the girl was lying on her bed as the drugs took effect, and smothered her with a pillow before strangling her to death.

Mr Kebabe also told authorities that he tried committing suicide by taking several Tylenol PM pills and putting a plastic bag over his head.

He abandoned this course of action after realising “he had no plans for the four-year-old girl and didn’t want her to go back to Kenya.”

Mr Kebabe told the investigators that he typed notes on how his daughter should be taken care of but panicked and fled with her. Sheriff’s deputies found the three bodies after Mr Kebabe’s cousin, Mr Joseph Lister Nyaringo called from New Jersey.

Speaking to the Nation from New Jersey, Mr Nyaringo said he called the sheriff’s office after he became concerned about his cousin’s suicide threats and emotional outbursts.

Mr Kebabe was arrested that night by a Minnesota state trooper on a highway after his car ran out of fuel. He was taken to Rice County Sheriff’s office for questioning.

Mr Kebabe, who came to the US in 1996, faces 40 years in jail for each of the three counts of intentional murder if convicted. His next court date will be on October 29.

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