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NIGERIA: Man harassed for having female organs

Man having female organsA man in his late 40s, who refused to utter a word despite the hysteria his presence generated, was almost lynched by a mob but for the intervention of police and other security agents.

The man, whose name could not be ascertained as of press time, was discovered to possess a full grown pair of breasts, which dangled from his chest, just like those of a young woman.

An angry mob was going for the kill when security operatives were quickly drafted to the scene. Their (mob) grouse was that it was strange and unacceptable that a man would possess dual sex organs.

Young men near a filling station at the Sapele-Warri/New Road junction tore the man’s clothes, and revealed a very small male organ, allegedly with no scrotum – which to them suggested that he was a hermaphrodite.

Saturday Tribune gathered from some onlookers who claimed to know the man that he had been seeking spiritual solutions to his problem by moving from one church to another.

It was further learnt that at one of the churches, he started manifesting some strange behaviours while for some time he hid his male and female sexual organs from church officials who later found out his status as a hermaphrodite.

The voice and face of the man were masculine even as he was said to also have female reproductive organs.

Men of the Nigeria Police in Sapele, and the other security operatives who were drafted to scene, quickly dislodged the irate mob, who were taking turns to fiddle with the man’s sex organs, ostensibly to further confirm their suspicions that the man was really a freak.

He was thereafter spirited away by the police to the Sapele Police Station for protective custody and investigations.
A first look at the man's face, one can tell that he was saddened and pained by the injustice melted on him as he didn't commit any punishable offence against mortals.

It rips my heart that despite having lots of institutions of learning in every nook and cranny in the country, the vast majority are still ignoramus as they don't even need to be informed that the man has nothing to do with the subject-matter in the very first instance. (No offence intended)

Yes he has dual private organs of both male and female but since when did that become an offence to mortals? What is our business? Even if the man had committed any punishable offence, don't we have people whose duty is to arrest and prosecute such a person? What is the essence of having security officers if they can't be allowed to take care of such issues?

I beg us in the name of God/Allah to quit the abysmal idea of always taking the law into our own hands, this man is innocent, anyone can be in his shoes, that you don't have both male and female organs is to the credit of God, those who were mocking and humiliating him have offended God. I'm not happy with this show of shame.

At this juncture, our lawmakers should see if they can come up with a law to prohibit people from taking the law into their own hands and enforce such, it should also be an offence to watch a fellow Nigerian being treated unjustly, if not for the sudden intervention of the security officers, they would have murdered him. It is no news that such an act has become the order of the day, thus something has to be done to nip this menace in the bud.

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