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Nigeria Unrest: One of their aims obviously is to make Nigeria ungovernable for GEJ with the aim of regaining power by or before 2015

The series of bombings and gunning down of southerners in northern Nigeria is such an unfortunate situation. The northerners who are behind all this have totally miscalculated in their permutations about the future of Nigeria. One of their aims obviously is to make Nigeria ungovernable for GEJ with the aim of regaining power by or before 2015. They have failed because their actions have further polarized and empowered the Nigerian electorate to the extent that by 2015, it will be near impossible for a muslim northerner to win the elections and become president. I am certain that the electorate will speak very powerfully and in a determined manner come 2015, if Nigeria still exists as an entity at that time.

After all this deliberate massacre, no southern christian in his right mind will vote for a muslim northerner in 2015, no matter how sane and humble he may appear. Also, I see this as a grand political ploy to remove southerners who are mostly Christians from the north so that they can have a field day at rigging elections in favor of a muslim northerner come 2015.

I foresee mass entry of their muslim brothers from those neighboring countries in the north to fill in the void created towards 2015. Politics is a chess game and we have calculated their moves for 2015. They will have a rude awakening when they are checkmated. Power has shifted and wealth is shifting. I also see morbid greed at play. Those people are very lazy and want to reap where they have not sown. they want to just inherit the fruits of the sweat of our brothers for the last forty years just like that. I have come to understand from the Jos experience that this is very typical of them, to kill and inherit the spoils of “war”. Finally, their agenda of islamizing Nigeria by hook or crook is just a big, silly joke. They will have a rude awakening soon enough on that.

Now the million $$$ questions are this, “What happens next when all the Igbos leave the north? How will they cope with the economic void created? Have they forgotten that tens of millions of them benefit directly and indirectly from the presence of Igbo businesses in the north? Who will take care of all those northerners who will loose their source of income?”
As far as I can discern, they have shot themselves in the foot and their evil will definitely implode upon them soonest or in the long run. I foresee them suffering beyond their wildest imagination and regretting their actions. Then what? Will they then migrate down to Igboland to beg for alms on our streets and seek petty jobs. They know better than try that silly stunt. Most likely, they will flood into Yorubaland and become a total nuisance.

The only good thing that may go for them is if they receive their desired Islamic state from the northern states and receive massive financial input from the oil rich islamic Arab nations. They are their brothers. Something tells me that the wind is also blowing from that direction

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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