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Nigeria: Iranian charged over arms shipment

justice-equalityAn Iranian man Azim Aghajani was charged with arms trafficking in a court in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, in connection with a shipment of weapons intercepted in October. The shipment included rockets and grenades hidden among building materials.
According to the BBC, Court documents identified Aghajani as a Tehran businessman, and also a member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

“This is a matter of great national importance, and if I may add, it has international implications,” BBC quoted prosecutor Matthew Idakwo as saying. “These arms were imported from Iran to our country. It is of great interest to the world.”

The court said Mr Aghajani had been charged with attempting to import prohibited arms into the West African country and conspiring to send the illegal shipment to Gambia.

The Iranian did not enter a plea, saying he needed his embassy to represent him before doing so.

Three Nigerians were also charged in connection with the arms shipment, while two of the three were only charged with conspiring to re-export the shipment to Gambia.

All four men are said to be in custody in the Nigerian capital, Abuja.

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