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Nigeria: Bomb suspect Henry Okah talks of fight in his diary

okah-henryA diary entry showed Henry Okah, who is currently held in South Africa for alleged links with the Nigerian Independence day blasts, talked about staging “a fight to the finish”, two weeks before the bomb blasts that left around 12 persons dead in Abuja.
A Johannesburg court heard that Okah who is believed to be heading a faction of Niger Delta militant group, MEND wrote in his diary on September 19 “We will fight to the finish.”

According to Reuters, Okah acknowledged he owns the diaries and that he made the entry but said it was not connected with the Niger Delta militancy in Nigeria as he took the stand at a bail hearing.

Other diary entries mentioned weapons such as surface-to-air missiles, assault rifles rocket propelled grenades, military tactics, training camps, command structures and possible kidnapping.

South African prosecutors and police said Okah was the brain behind the bombing in Nigeria during celebrations of 50 years of independence on October 1, a charge Okah who arrested shorty after the blasts denies.

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