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Israeli warships on way to Persian Gulf –US intelligence chief claims right to assassinate Americans

Report: Israeli warships on way to Persian Gulf 07 Feb 2010 As Israel keeps threatening the regional countries with war, Egyptian maritime sources say the Israeli navy has deployed two missile ships to the Persian Gulf. Citing the sources, Yediot Ahronot reported Saturday that two Israeli missile ships passed through the Suez Canal en rout to the Red Sea on Thursday morning. The sources said the ships are expected to reach the Persian Gulf within the next four days.

US intelligence chief claims right to assassinate Americans :

U.S. citizens are among the targets likely to appear on the final list, a senior counterterrorism expert said. The memo signed by Jones makes clear that more than 100 preexisting Joint Terrorism Task Forces set up by the FBI will take the lead in national security incidents within the United States. But intelligence analysts and interrogators who participate in the mobile teams can help with potentially deadly but previously unidentified suspects. FBI agents are allowed to interrogate people in the United States without informing them of their constitutional rights to remain silent and to secure an attorney if the agents want to gather intelligence and ‘protect public safety.’

:In testimony before the House intelligence committee, Blair said the assassinations would be justified if US citizens were “taking action that threatens Americans.” This is an extremely broad category, giving the US intelligence apparatus general authority to engage in what amount to extra-judicial executions.

The US wiifollow “a set of defined policy and legal procedures that are very carefully observed,” Blair claimed. He also said that the US intelligence agencies seek “specific permission”—presumably from the White House, though Blair was not explicit—to carry out actions that will involve killing US citizens.

Peter Hoekstra, the ranking Republican on the intelligence committee, said he was “surprised” that Blair had made the statement in open session. “So there is a framework and a policy…a clear path as to when this person may be engaging in free speech overseas and when he may have moved into recruitment or when he may have moved into actually coordinating and carrying out attacks against the United States?” he asked.

Blair responded by saying that he preferred to go into the details in “closed session,” but added, “We don’t target people for free speech.” ????????

Now, the US government openly asserts the right to kill US citizens  without protest from either political party.

US intelligence had to assure the population that the government does not kill US citizens on the basis of their political views and opinions only underscores the far-reaching criminalization of the state.

The intelligence agency in question was the National Counter Terrorism Center, which operates under the direction of the Director of National Intelligence—Dennis Blair.

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