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Nigerian residents accuse Ghana police of thwarting demonstration

GHANA POLICEResidents of the Niger Delta Community in Ghana have expressed disappointments over plans by the police to botch their intended demonstration.

The demonstration scheduled on Thursday, organisers say is against alleged killings of innocent children and women in the Niger Delta State in Nigeria.

Francis Okoronkwo, President of the Niger Delta Community in Ghana told Citi News on Wednesday, the demonstration was also to express their disapproval of amnesty granted the militants in the Niger Delta State.

He said crime in any form must attract punishment and wondered why militants who have been tried and jailed for various offences would be granted amnesty by the authorities in the Nigerian State.

The move he said could trigger the emergence of similar militant groups who would mete atrocities to innocent residents.

He said the demonstration is to mount pressure on the Nigerian authorities to find lasting solutions to the crisis in the Niger Delta State.

Francis Okoronkwo is however frustrated over attempts by the Ghana police to put a dampener on their intended demonstration.

According to him, the police among other things cited the impending visit to Ghana by US President, Barack Obama as reason for not approving of the demonstration.

However, the group did not also appear to have met the 5 days notice to the police as stipulated by the Public Order Act.

The president of the group claimed to have gone to notify the police on Monday of the demonstration on Thursday.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/

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