Codewit Mission & Vision


Many in the world are heralding the dawn of an “African Millennium” culturally and politically. Africa is poised to undergo more changes and wield more influence in the world than ever before. Until now, much of what is visually documented about Africa is a view from outside, seen through eyes that are not African and, in some cases, not Africa friendly. We believe that it is only Africans that can tell their stories to the world and in that manner will gain renewed respect and authentically express her promising future. Base on this background, Codewit World News was founded. Our mission is to provide a global voice for Africans to tell their own stories to the world.


As it is said, youth are the back bone of society. This is no different in Africa.  But sadly, African youth is left without a spine. In attempt to  mobilize African’s young minds, for them to believe and own their future not to mention pave the way for the next generation, it’s imperative  therefore, that they be exposed to an alternative media source. An information outlet designed to highlight the diabolical historical past of our colonial experience & ancestors with a vision of a New Africa. is the call to raise The Continent of Africa, Independent from global influences.

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