Advert Rates offers a wide variety of display advertising and sponsorship opportunities, at competitive rates. Our rates are calculated at price per thousand impressions (CPM). If you require a fixed price for a fixed period of time you can found our tariff at the bottom of this page,

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Codewit Network is not a regional or sectional online Portal ; it is a international Online Newspaper .

With our new state-of-the-art website, you have immediate access to a national and global readership. Our rates are quite affordable and the designs flexible.

Most importantly, your ads will not only reach our worldwide online readers, but also serving as direct links to your corporate websites.

Below are our rates with size description.

Position   Description Duration Costs (NAIRA) Dollars(USD)
Above the fold (FrontPage)   728 x 90 px One Month 15,000 95.00
Skyscraper (FrontPage)   300 x 250 px One Month 15,000 95,00
Skyscraper (Inside)   300 x 250 px One Month 12,000 76,00
Side Banner (Inner pages)   160 x 600 px One Month 11,000 70,00
Content Banners   468 x 60 px One week 10,000 63,00

This rate is base on the estimate of how much traffic your advert is likely to receive based on average figures, and give you a fixed price.

Getting Materials for your Advert

There are two options for advertorials: (1) Copy supplied by you with a spot advert on that page; and, (2) Copy supplied by us on your behalf, with a spot advert on that page with a service charge. Ask of for the quote.

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Other Services

Codewit offers a wide range of media production services:

  1. Editorial Consultancy Services
  2. Media Content Production
  3. Media Research & Consultancy
  4. Training & Public Speaking
  5. Various Business Networking Services within the Media

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