The Hidden Hazards Of Microwaved food

Microwaved food is dangerousIt is a well known fact that raw food is more nutritious than cooked because cooking food destroys nutrients, whether it’s on a stove, or in the microwave oven. But microwaving food on high power can be more destructive than cooking on the stove.

Microwaving is the unhealthiest way to cook food. Dozens of researchers agree that the microwave oven absolutely decimates the nutritional value of food, destroying the very vitamins and phytonutrients that prevent disease and support good health.

“Microwaved food is not merely ‘dead’ food at every level; it is food that has been deconstructed, leaving nothing but empty calories, fibre and minerals” warned a nutritionist recently.

What’s really deceptive about microwave cooking is that the food still appears to be basically the same, but at the cellular level, it’s like a nuclear war has taken place because virtually the entire vitamin and phytonutrient content has been destroyed. Vitamins and phytonutrients (plant-based nutrients) are delicate molecules which are fragile. They are easily destroyed by heat, which is why raw plant foods contain more plant nutrients than cooked foods.

The full story on microwave cooking is a long-drawn one. promote ill health because they turn nutritious, healthy food into empty, decimated calories.
A microwave does not just heat the food by moving the molecules faster. Microwave ovens create radio waves at a frequency of about 2.45 GHz. This is enough energy to destroy biological molecules through electromagnetic radiation. The microwaves excite the water molecules inside the food that is cooking, causing heat to be formed from the inside out. This results in a cell-by-cell molecular decomposition of the vitamins and phytonutrients that promote disease.

There is a tendency for most microwave users to cook everything on high power, except when defrosting. High is the default setting. The maximum power is also a major selling point for a microwave oven. The higher the power, the stronger the electric field, and the more damaging it is to nutrients even if the final temperature is the same.
So, the lower the power, the safer.

But only some microwave ovens are capable of true low power cooking. The microwave ovens equipped with inverter magnetrons actually reduce the power instead of just cycling it between high and off. So if you use a microwave, use one with an inverter magnetron, and cook on low power. Cooking on low power (not intermittent high) will greatly reduce the amount of damage done to the food.

But if you want to eat in a healthy way, make sure a significant part of your diet is raw plants. It’s okay to eat some steamed, stir-fried or even grilled vegetables, but when grilling foods, avoid burning them because all burned parts contain toxic, cancer-causing chemicals that promote colon cancer.


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