Asthma is as deadly as AIDS – Experts

Asthma-attack-360x284The Managing Director, HealthPlus Limited, Lagos, Mrs. Bukky George, has identified asthma as a more deadly disease than the dreaded Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome because it kills faster if the proper medications are not given to affected persons.

George, while addressing victims and participants during a programme to raise fund for the Elias Nelson Oyedokun Foundation for the treatment of asthma in Lagos on Sunday, advised victims of asthma to adopt new methods of treating the disease rather than the old medications which were outdated.

She lamented that asthma kills more than 10,000 Nigerians every year, judging by the report of the World Health Organisation in 2012.The statistics, according to her, are comparable to the population of Nigerians dying of HIV/AIDS.

The medical expert also listed medications such as nebuliser, spacer, steroid tablets and Preventers and inhaler as some of the new medications formulated to tackle the disease, adding that people living with asthma are more at risk if proper medication is not available when the attack comes at any point in time.

She noted that deaths from asthma attacks could be prevented if modern methods of medication are administered.

She said, “Asthma is deadlier than HIV/AIDS, but popular awareness of HIV/AIDS and the stigma involved makes it the other way round. Asthma victims should always inform all the people around them on their conditions at all times.

“There is need for you to know your condition because this will help you to take control of the situation and solve the problem. When you are in a critical situation, tell the people around so that they will know how to use the medication in case of any attack.”

On his part, the organiser of the programme and the father of Nelson Oyedokun, Chief Bisi Ilaka, said there was a need for people to know how deadly asthma is as this would help them to combat the disease.

Ilaka said, “The reason we embark on this programme is to collaborate with major stakeholders and organisations like schools, NGOs and government organisations like the federal ministry of health in reducing the number of the people who are dying of asthma in the country by sensitising them on what to do when they have the attack.”

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