Flatter your body shape

Has it ever occurred to you that how you dress, or the clothes you pick out should be determined by what your body type is? Read on for tips to flatter your body type by Gloria Haguma.

Just because you have built your packs does not mean you are now allowed to wear anything, or that belly fat is no excuse for you to step out looking out of proportion?

Worry no more, as we bring you the guide on how to dress that body shape. Our focus is on three body shapes; the rectangle, oval and triangle.

The rectangle
Men with this kind of shape normally have even balance on both their shoulders, waist and hips. That means you will need to wear clothes that make your shoulders appear broad and slim out the waist area.
Always stick to blazers that have structured shoulders, and are slim-fitted at the rest of the body. This means you can have them shoulders padded.

You can also choose to layer out your looks. You can do this by wearing scarfs, sweaters and even cardigans. This way, the top appears bigger than the lower part of your body, which is the aim.
Experiment with different prints and also colour block your look to balance it out.

Keep away from: Sleeveless items as this clearly brings out your rectangular shape. The double breasted jackets and cardigans as well.
When you dress according to your body shape, your self-confidence will also receive a boost because you feel good about yourself. Look good, and you know it!

The oval shape
Men in their late 30s tend to pile weight particularly around the torso, narrowing out your shoulders and lower torso.

This is the trickiest body type to dress up as the oversized clothes make you look bigger and the slimmer clothes make you bulky.

All you have to do is make your lower appear longer, and define your shoulders. When you choose to wear stripes which seem like the obvious choice, keep them vertical. This will make you appear lengthened at the lower. When choosing your trousers, aim to keep them lose fitting so as to add length.

Keep away from: Cuffing your trousers as this will make your legs appear shorter, making you look plump. Also, anything skinny or tight will make you look shorter. Do not be caught wearing horizontal stripes because these will make you appear rounder. Cowl necks, wide crew necks or polo necks are a no-no in this case. They will make your neck appear shorter than it already is. .

The triangle shape
This body type is defined by a wider bottom and narrower top. That means you have wider hips, and your shoulders are slanted. Always keep your clothes fitting to emphasise your body shape.

The button-down look should be your signature as it streamlines your body. Your pant choices should revolve around chino pants or the straight-legged pants. Pick dark coloured- shirts and jackets. Then you can add a pop of colour with a scarf or a pocket square.

Keep away from: The polo necks or narrow crew-necks as they emphasise your shape.
Keep any visible details like horizontal stripes or patches away from your stomach area. Bell or flared bottoms are not your type too.

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