STRETCH MARKS: How to get rid of them naturally

Stretch MarksWhen you become pregnant, gain a good amount of weight or likely to gain weight in the future, you will notice these small marks on your skin called stretch marks. This is where the skin has extra tension and these small scar lines appear at the place where it has been stretched too far.
Essential vitamins are very helpful in removing the scars from the skin. There are many laser treatments now easily in access of everyone but the home remedies are quite beneficial and have worth mentioning results. Here I am suggesting you to follow some of the easiest and best tips for stretch marks removal.
1.       Vitamins K is an essential vitamin that is really helpful in protein modification and prevents dermis scaring. Take as much as green vegetables which are full of vitamin K. They include herbs, dark leafy greens, spring onions, cabbage and pickled cucumber. Make a salad of these vegetables and try to take it as an essential element of your meals. I am sure you might get rid of the annoying stretches on your body.
2.       Aloe Vera is the best source of Vitamin E. Apply it directly or make some sort of paste as you feel convenient, on your skin to remove the scars.
3.       Dermatologists say that cocoa butter should be taken during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.
4.       Everyone is familiar with lavender oil. It is quite easily available in any market. Apply lavender oil on the marks at least 3 times a day; you will surely see the result in a few days. Lavender oil is very good for skin stretch marks as it is anti-septic and anti fungal. Excess use of lavender oil on the ugly prominent marks. Dermatologists also suggest using rose water to get rid of stretch marks.
5.        As weight gain is one of the causes of stretch marks so it should also be helpful in removing the scar to lose your weight. Take as much of the proteins as you can in the form of eggs and white chicken. Also avoid oily things and sugar. This will help reduce your weight and in return stretch marks will be prevented.
6.       You can also try lemon. Put a drop of glycerin on lemon and gently apply on your marks twice a day this is a very good and easy home remedy for stretch marks.
7.       The more you glycerin the more your body will remain soft. And there will be less stretch in your skin. So make a habit to keep your skin oily or moisturized with a glycerin of some sort of lotion.
8.       Almond oil contains Vitamin E which is very necessary for the removal of stretch marks. Apply almond oil daily at night. Give a soft massage on the infected areas to get desirable results in day rather than months or years.

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