Treatment of breast cancer in Alternative Medicine (2)

breast cancerBeing the second part in the serialisation of the text of a presentation by FEMI KUSA at the maiden seminar of the College of Integrative Medicine, held at the Water Parks, Toyin Street, Lagos, on August 1 and 2, this year. The college was founded to train members of the National Integrative Medicine Practitioners Association (NIMPA). In the first part published last Thursday, two promising case studies provided the grounds for hope that herbs and nutritional supplements, used alone or as an adjunct in orthodox cancer therapies, can bring about a cancer cure. In one of these cases, stage iv colon cancer which had spread to the liver, lung and kidney shrank by 25 per cent within two months of the introduction of alternative medicine therapies to conventional therapy. In the second case, breast cancer shrank significantly.

 Some popular suggestions on why cancer strikes

 The list is too long for all of them to be mentioned in an exercise such as this. Some of the common or popular ones are:

• Deoxygenation of blood lymph and tissue,

• Cell damage during cell division,

• Energy or voltage loss within the cells,

• Free radical damage of cells,

• Antioxidant deficiency,

• Nutritional deficiencies,

• Abnormally high microbial population,

• Sub-optimally functioning or weak liver,

• Immune depletion,

• Pathological hatred,

• Pharmaceutical food supplements,

• Heavy metal toxicity and poisoning,

• Chemical and pesticide poisoning,

• Estrogenation,

• Potassium deficiency and elevation of sodium in the blood,

• Hypothyroidism or low thyroid function,

• Systemic Enzymes deficiency,

• Excessive Consumption of animal protein,

• Consumption of white sugar,

•Deficiency of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)




We need oxygen to live. Old high school education teaches that the air is composed of about 21 per cent of oxygen and 79 per cent other gases. Yet, a recent study of air trapped in antartic ice ages ago suggests oxygen air content as high as 38 per cent at that time. Could the air oxygen content be going down? Since oxygen is the most important element for human survival, could a deficiency be related to the upsurge of degenerative diseases, including breast cancer, the green plants, through photosynthesis, store oxygen for human consumption … in green leafy vegetable and herbs, for example. But many people in this part of the world do not consume adequate amounts of vegetables every day. When they do at all, the vegetables may have lost vital nutrients through overcooking or long storage or the use of fertiliser in growing them. Besides, the soil on which they grew may have been overcultivated and malnourished. Rain water in clean cities is oxygen – rich. But municipal water supply from which many people derive their drinking water has been chlorinated to kill germs and, thus, is deoxygenated. In 1969, the Guinness Book of Records found the people of OKINAWA in Japan to be the longest living people on earth. They were healthy and agile in body and spirit. Their longevity and health secret turned out to be their water. It was neither chlorinated nor flouridised. It was alkaline. Most of our bottled water in Nigeria is acidic on the pH scale. Sachet or so-called “pure water” is terribly acidic. The cells are weakened and damaged by acidiosis. In Okinawa, the drinking water passes through coral reefs which alkalize it. Alkaline water washes acids out of the body. Soon, the world knew of CORAL CALCIUM from Okinawa which was said, like coral, alkalized water to help fight cancer, even cure it. Today, alkaline water pots and other means of alkalizing drinking water sell well in Nigeria. So, does coral calcium. The lungs provide the body with oxygen through breathing. But many people do not exercise themselves physically well enough, to get enough oxygen into their systems by maximally using their lungs. As a matter of fact, it has been scientifically determined that many people use less than 70 per cent capacity of their lungs every day. The picture of oxygen supply to the body appears gloomier under industrialisation and urbanisation.

Lagos and other Nigerian cities are filled with smoking vehicles, electricity generator fumes, and smoke from firewood, refuse and bush burning, among other environmental oxygen depletors. If you walk on some streets in Lagos, during municipal electricity failure, you may almost choke from the smoke of generators. Traffic jams pump smoke into our lungs. I got introduced to superior oxygen capsules, as VITALAIRE was then called, when my office at the then THE COMET newspaper was about an arm’s stretch from the expressway. My table got filled with SOOT every morning. A test revealed oxygen depletion in the brain. A worldwide study of major cities suggests oxygen concentrations in and around them at about 30 per cent below normal levels. If we add to these environmental assaults the disappearance of the green belt and the replacement of vegetation by concrete and steel, we observe a critical disturbance of a Creation Plan anchored on the Law of Balance. This law upholds the smallest and the biggest entities in Creation, from the atoms in our bodies and the pages of these newspapers and the solar systems to the gigantic Universe. By this law, plant removes carbon dioxide, destructive of human life, from the atmosphere during the day and gives us life-preserving oxygen in return, and in such quantum as is sufficient for us at night when they like us, consume oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. When concrete and metal replace green vegetation, the air we breathe to live healthily is no longer fully supportive of life. One marker of inadequate level of oxygenation besides susceptibility to constant infections is tiredness. Another is pain. Yet another could be headache or yawning all the time. Overcrowding in buses and bedrooms worsens matters. It may be good to keep an indoor green plant indoor during the day and take it out at sunset when it uses oxygen, like us, and releases carbon dioxide which we do not need. The implication of deoxygenation of the air is that less oxygen gets into the body. Without enough oxygen, metabolism is sluggish, waste accumulates, the internal environment becomes toxic, micro-organisms, especially Candida and other yeast cells, proliferate, since they enjoy anaerobic environment, and compound the toxin level with their own wastes. The cells battle to survive in this environment. Some adapt to the oxygen – deficient environment by becoming anaerobic (not dependent on oxygen), like the microforms proliferating in it. Their aerobic respiration produce energy and lactic acid, whereas aerobic respiration produces heat, energy, water and carbon dioxide, which is excreted through exhalation. This anaerobic process goes on for many years before counter strikes in the cells which have become too weak to protect themselves against acid and other poisoning germs. As germs love weak, toxic cells, this may account for why candida, bacteria, viruses and mold have been found in the carcerous breast tissue. Italian Dr. Tullio Simoncini, who injects sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) into breast cancer to make the toxin-filled cells alkaline and inhospitable for these germs, has documented some of his experiences in a book titled: CANCER IS A FUNGUS.

More information about this work, courtesy Bill Henderson, in his book, CANCER FREE, can be obtained from

Some Nigerian doctors have followed Dr. Solocini’s work. But he has not disclosed to any of them who have linked up with him exactly how he delivers this stuff into the cancerous breast. When I discussed with one of them the dressing of breast cancer sores, especially the awfully smelling ones, saying I often suggest the spraying of Forever Living Products (FLP) Aloe First after cleaning, he said he uses Baking Soda Powder to dress the sores after cleaning them.




If deoxygenation causes cancer, how can we oxygenate to prevent it and to reverse it? An Alternative Medicine practitioner treating breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter, may wish to imagine that cancerous cells are filled with candida, a fungus, and other yeast, and then decide on oxygenation therapies to kill them off and free the cells of these unfriendly inhabitants which are driving them wild and making them to behave abnormally. In Europe, some practitioners put their patients in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, in what is known as the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), to make them breathe pure oxygen in a sealed chamber. I do not know if HBOT is available in Nigeria. But we have options. One of them is OxyLife’s 35 per cent Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide which is valuable in the treatment of many diseases, including cancer. I use it prophylacticaly once in a while. Hydrogen peroxide Therapy is controversial. The mainstream medical profession does not want to hear of it. Its position is understandable. For hydrogen peroxide, if misused, can become a double edged sword. One blade kills diseases as fire destroys dry bush. The other blade can damage the cells through oxidative hydroxyl impact. But the hydrogen peroxide used for Therapy is not the common one used as mouth wash. It is the 35 per cent home grade hydrogen peroxide. Madison Cabanaugh exhumed hydrogen peroxide from the dustbin of orthodox medicine and handed it, like a jewel, to alternative Medicine with his book titled: ONE MINUTE CURE FOR ALL DISEASES. In this book, he shows that if the human cell is about 75 per cent water, and if this water is two atoms of hydrogen and oxygen, oxygen must account for not less than 33 per cent of this water content. Oxygen from other sources must make oxygen account for about 50 per cent of the cell. Oxygen depletion, therefore, must cause health problems.

Although hydrogen peroxide therapy is widely criticised in the orthodox medical profession Dr. Lance Moriaty, medical director of a clinic in Nairobi, Kenya, reports that one in eight of his HIV/AIDS patients on hydrogen peroxide therapy become healed. In a study, out of 52 HIV/AIDS patients given hydrogen peroxide, 30 received immediate remission while 22 reported increased energy and well being. Says Dr. Moriaty: “People come back to life … it blows my mind”. There is also, a food supplement named SUPERIOR OXYGEN. It comes encapsulated, and has just been repacked and re-named VITALAIRE. What a more appropriate and less scary named! The base is potassium permanganate, to which are complexed many oxygen-yielding food grade substances. Some of these compounds include magnesium peroxide, astragalus, hypoxis, vitamin D3, calcium ascorbate, calcium phosphate, B vitamins, citrus bioflavonoids etc. It is a portable oxygen or a home oxygen therapy designed to address, among other issues, shortness of breadth, weakness, sleep apnea, daytime sleepiness, loud snoring, all of which signify insufficiency of oxygen in the body. An oxygen therapy featured one way or the other in both cases cited above. Green plants, as stated, earlier are also minute sources of oxygen. On the market today are single plant products such as Chlorella, Spirulina, Parseley, Barley grass, Wheat Grass, and alfalfa. Among many others. There is as well the conglome merits greens products in which about 40 green plants are ground to powder and taken with meals or as tea or with fruit or vegetable juice. They offer the advantage of providing the body with Chlorophyll which detoxifies the system. And recharges the blood. Chlorophyll and heamoglobin have the same basic structure … Hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. They differ only in their central atoms. In chlorophyll, the central atom in magnesium. In heamoglobin, it is iron. When we take a green drink; the body replaces the magnesium with iron to recharge the blood. And since the healthy and radiant blood is indispensable for good health, it is important in breast cancer therapy. Thus, liquid chlorophyll features prominently in the two cases mentioned above.

 Caution with Oxygen

 Oxygen is a double-edged sword. Just as too little of it can compromise health, too much of it is bad and can cause oxidative stress and damage. For singlet oxygen atoms can attach to metals in the body such as iron, copper and manganese and oxidize them and causing them to rust. This is preventable if an oxygen therapy includes antioxidant food supplements such as vitamins A, C and E, Grape Seed Extract, alpha lipoic acid, Co Enzyme Q10,Selenium, Zinc, Gluthathione and the likes of them. They are all meant to be present in the diet. A dietary lifestyle change in breast cancer therapy should focus on the restoration of healthy raw diet which produces them abundantly.

A raw diet in breast cancer therapy is a serious business. A time table is involved. If the patient’s energy can support it, Stanley Burough’s LEMONADE DIET is suggested. Thus is not the typical Nigerian carbonhydrate filled diet. Cancer cells love sugar, and they must be denied sugar, unless sugar is going to be used to lure them to their graves. There are some doctors who do this. They give the patient sugar in the cancer cells open up to “drink” the sugar. But this sugar is a “Trojan Horse” food. As they open up happily, the doctor administers drugs which kill these cells. Before they can close their receptors for sugar intake, they have taken in the drugs with the sugar. A raw diet, on the other hand, is a raw diet. In the Lemonade Diet, for example, LIME or LEMON at one tablespoonful is added to capsule of CAYENNE and one tablespoonful of MAPLE SYRUP. The lime or lemon is a reducing agent. The cayenne drives blood circulation and drives the lime or lemon into the cell. The Maple Syrup provides energy. The patient adds one glass of water to this mixture which he drinks three or four times a day for anything from seven days to 28 days, depending on his energy and capacity to fast. Many people worry at first that they will miss food. But they soon learn it is beautiful to give up cooked food, if only for a while. I later modified this diet to fit the needs of some people who adopted it. This reducing diet literally melts all the toxins crystals in the body. When toxins build up, the body turns them into crystals and plugs them into apertures or pores in organs through which fluids flow. If these pores get blocked thereby, organs get stiff. Imagine a stiff joint and arthritis. When the crystals meet, they release toxins into the blood. The liver, kidneys and skin and the bowels are to eliminate them. But, in a cancer situation, these organs are already weakened; perhaps from the toxins menacing the system, antioxidants can be added to the therapy to neutralise them. The time table I often suggest runs on the hour. A herbal drink such as vegetable juice or Lemonade Diet may be taken at 7a.m followed by Water at 8am and another juice drink at 9am and water at 10am. In the London case, the patient shifted from wheatgrass juice, stinging Nettle, Root Juice, Calamus Root juice, Parseley Root Juice, Carrot Root Juice and water by the hour. It is during the water sessions that water soluble vitamins and other food supplements are taken.

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