Nigerian President Disrespected in India: No Presidential Welcome

A presidential visit to countries is often welcomed with red carpet from the airport tarmac that allows the visiting President upon disembarking from the flight, greets all those who came to welcome to the President in the country of visit.

However, such was not accorded to President Buhari during his recent visit to India where the President and his entourage were subjected to a local airport golf cart ride from the airport to the exit point.

In an ordinary circumstance, the President will receive a red carpet treatment right from the tarmac to a vehicle that would take him to his destination in the country and the President would never make that journey via the route an average passengers take. It is an aberration to carry the President of Nigeria in a golf cart, inside the Airport. It is against the diplomatic rules. Indian government should never have subjected the President to such a downgraded welcoming pattern unless in a situation where the President wasn’t invited, or he embarked on the visit on a private note.

While many of the Presidents supporters has tagged the golf cart ride as humility. One need to remind them all that this has nothing to do with humility, rather pure disrespect and disregard to the good people of Nigeria and their President.
Superpowers such as America, Germany and France that the President visited lately accorded Nigerians that respect by welcoming their President with a red carpet welcome from the airport tarmac and not a golf cart ride.
How low again can we fall in this country?


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