Amamgbo Obianuju Chiamaka – Codewit Favorite Author of the Month 01/02/09

The Favorite Codewit  Author of the month of February  2009  is  Amamgbo Obianuju Chiamaka

Name: Amamgbo Obianuju Chiamaka

Nationality: Nigerian


Meet the Author

In writing about his vision for the future, Chiamaka notes:
 Whatever the case may be, I am not giving up on the fact that “i go better”. When is what I cannot tell. Slowly but surely it seems. Therefore dear friends, do not give up on your individual and collective efforts in trying to make our country a better place for you and for me and for all of us. Let us continue to fight against all militating factors trying to run our noble nation down...

Amamgbo Obianuju is a passionate  member and author of  Codewit global network. She is a prolific writer and adherent of codewism philosophy. She believes that  African success depends on youth empowerment , education and collective effort from Africans themselves


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