Ugwu Hilary – Codewit Favorite Author of the Month 01/09/08

The Favorite Codewit  Author of the month of September 2008  is  Ugwu Hilary Ike

Ugwu Hilary

Name: Ugwu Hilary Ike

Nationality: Nigerian


Meet the Author

 In writing about his vision for the future, Ugwu  notes:
I believes in the emergence of a new  Africa. A single alteration of mass consciousness is what is needed to change Africa in a twitch—if we have potential, then we are not miserable and poor. No society is static, each is constantly evolving. And as thus, our ideas are only contributing chips.

Ugwu Hilary is one of the inspiring author and ardent member of Codewit Network community. His writings thus far have challenged both Codewit members and Africans in general to stand up for what they believe and be proud citizens of our continent. In recent times, he has been appointed to manage one of the Codewit resource projects due to his profound commitment to our community. His recent works making a clarion call to Nigerians on the semantic walk-through of her national anthem has thus proven his solid commitment to promote Codewit philosophy of   Moral ethics and Political Patriotism

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