Egbufoama Chike -Best author of the Year 2008

The Best Author Award is given once a year to an author whose article receives the most votes from Codewit members and our internet visitors. And the Best author of the Year of 2008 goes to Mr. Egbufoama Chike

Chike egbufoama

Name: Egbufoama Chike

Nationality: Nigerian


Meet the Author

In writing about his vision for the future, Chike notes:
 Chike believes If unity is sought through struggle, it will live but if unity is sought through yielding it will perish and he urges  African youth to follow the former in challenging the status quo..

Chike Egbufoama is an ardent member and passionate author of  Codewit global network. His writings are greatly noted for its philosophical teaching and traditional values. Chike’s work so far has inspired a lot of people and has challenged our African people and her government to stand up and fight for a better  Africa.As a codewit member, Chike supports Youth empowerment, democracy, youth education, economic determinism as a key to achieving a stable future for our people.

Chike has been nominated for the second time in a row as the favorite Author of the month. He has inspired a lot of youths in his writings


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