Finland Police officials suspected of illicit prying

Illicit prying of police officers into information has become a frequent headache of prosecutors.

A pre-trial investigation into dozens of police officials suspected of conducting illicit prying into information concerning Anneli Auer and member of Parliament Antti Kaikkonen (Centre) will be launched, Helsingin Sanomat reports. In an interview with the daily on 26 April, district prosecutor Krista Soukola revealed that efforts to determine the number of unauthorised attempts to access the police register are currently underway.

illicit prying into information concerning Anneli Auer The investigation was sparked by a study, conducted by Nelonen roughly a year ago, on the extent of prying by police officials, tax authorities and Kela officials into personal details. The Finnish law stipulates that public officials can only access the personal details of citizens’ when necessitated by their official duties.

Earlier, the Police Administration Unit ruled that the unsuccessful attempts by officials to pry into the details of the confidential investigations were not criminal. The office of the District prosecutor, however, rejected the interpretation, viewing that unsuccessful prying attempts also warrant criminal suspicions. A consideration of charges regarding police officials’ prying into documents dealing with the death of cross-country skiing legend Mika Myllylä is currently ongoing.

Helsinki Times

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