Info security watchdog: Vulnerability detected in Internet Explorer 8

 Cert-fi says users should beware of a vulnerability in Mircosoft's Internet Explorer 8 web browser. Image: Petra Piitulainen / Lehtikuva Finland’s national information security watchdog Cert-fi says it has detected a vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 web browser.

According to Cert, the vulnerability could make it easier for malicious code to be deployed via the browser.

The information security experts say that the security "hole" could be used to lure users to visit websites with malicious codes that could then be deployed on their terminal devices. Cert-fi added that the vulnerability has been known to be used in targeted attacks.

Currently no software updates are available to correct the vulnerability. However Cert-fi is advising users of Internet Explorer 8 to prevent any malware attacks by installing Microsoft's EMET Toolkit, which prevents hackers from gaining access to user systems.

Users may also increase their browsers' security levels.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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