Finland: May Day weather may disappoint

 Yle meteorologist Henri Nyman says May Day highs will soar to 20 degrees Celsius only once in five or ten years. Image: Sari Gustafsson / Lehtikuva

Yle meteorologist Henri Nyman says that the current unsettled conditions are likely to prevail come next week’s May Day holiday

While places like Poland are already enjoying summery conditions, any hopes of similar weather in Finland for the holiday next week have been dashed by Yle meteorologist Henri Nyman. According to the weatherman any vestiges of summer in southern and eastern Finland appear to be drifting east to Russia.

However it is possible that after the May Day holiday warm air currents may temporarily flow north to Finland from the south.

As for May Day itself, the outlook is for variable conditions. Showers are likely in many parts of central and northern Finland and temperatures will remain between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius. Southern Finland looks to be drier and highs will reach about 10 degrees.

“These are rather normal May Day temperatures. It only reaches 20 degrees on may Day once every five or ten years,” Nyman said.

As for Friday and the weekend, the meteorologist is forecasting rain brought in by a large low-pressure zone hovering over northern Europe. Sleet is also possible in the Tampere region.

“Western areas could experience heavy rains today, and it will move slowly east. The unsettled weather will continue throughout the weekend, at least in the north,” he added.

Sources: Yle
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