Helsinki: Car chase puts bystanders in danger

A high-speed car chase in Espoo and Helsinki on Saturday afternoon took many dangerous turns, as a vehicle fleeing from the police sped onto oncoming lanes and sidewalks. No one was injured, though a few fender benders were caused by the speeding car in Espoo and Helsinki

Students of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Anni Solja, Emma Grünn and Johanna Lind caught the dramatic end of the chase on camera. The students happened to be filming for a documentary in the Mikonkatu area of Helsinki.

The chase came to grinding halt on a Helsinki city centre pedestrian street. The chase that had begun in Espoo’s Tapiola ended on Mikonkatu, Helsinki, as a police car swerved into the side of the speeding vehicle.

The car had fake registration plates, according to the police. The vehicle was first detected in Tapiola, from where it took the Länsiväylä motorway towards Kirkkonummi, before turning around towards Helsinki on the motorway at the Suomenoja junction.

According to the police, the vehicle sped up to 180 kilometres per hour at times. The high-speed chase caused several dangerous situations, as the vehicle drove onto oncoming lanes and pedestrian sidewalks. A few fender benders occurred both in Espoo and Helsinki.

Two people were apprehended from the car at Mikonkatu.

Highly unusual incident in Finland

The police of Western Uusimaa are investigating the incident as involving aggravated endangerment of traffic safety, violent resistance of an official, drunk driving and narcotics offences.

Inspector Mats Lagerstam from Western Uusimaa Police describes the chase as “highly unusual”.

“We have no idea why these people embarked on such a trip. Usually people have enough sense not to put hundreds of bystanders more or less into danger – even if they’ve taken drugs or alcohol”, Lagerstam said.

With no injuries or fatalities, the police considered the outcome of the chase as exceptionally good”.

“Here we had all the ingredients for many fatalities and serious injuries”, Lagerstam notes.

Those who suffered damages in the chase or were put into danger are requested to call the crime investigation unit of the Western Uusimaa Police at 071 87 38240. Information can also be given at any police department.

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