Finland: Horse meat scandal touches Finnish Lidl

Horse meat may have found its way into Lidl's own-brand goulash

The German manufacturer discovered late last week that some of their beef products had tested positive for horse meat. It is not known whether the contaminated product ended up in their own-brand goulash “Coquette rindergulasch” which is sold in 500g packages.

Joensuu based Jarkko Alppimaa says that he bought the goulash at Lidl a week ago as it was on sale. His suspicion was piqued on the weekend when he heard that a Dreistern producer had found traces of horse meat in the goulash.  

“I probably won’t eat it if it isn’t what it says it is,” says Alppimaa.

Lidl’s press officer Pilvi-Sisko Riikonen says that the retail chain was informed of the possibility of horse meat contamination on Friday. According to her, as a precaution, the product was withdrawn from shelves over the weekend.

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