Estonians put down roots in Finland

Virolaiset_rakennus_152460bOnly 28 percent of Estonians living in Finland want to return home, according to research from the University of Tartu. These findings support a survey from a couple of years ago, which indicated that almost half of resident Estonians like Finland so much they are not even considering a return.

The research was aimed at discovering to what extent Estonians permanently residing in Finland wish to come back to their country of birth.

Of the respondents, 45 percent were sure they would not be going back, 28 percent missed home, and 27 percent could not answer the question.

The study found that an average migrant from Estonia is an under 30-year-old only starting on a career. Just under half had vocational education, and 15 percent were highly educated.

About the same number of men and women come to Finland, but they do so for different motivations. Among men, 47 percent said they did it for financial gain, while 43 percent of women moved for family reasons.

The Estonian newspaper Eesti Päevaleht reported on the research and estimated the number of Estonians permanently living in Finland at 22,000. The official figure from Finnish immigration authorities was almost 29,000 at the end of last year.

Resident Estonians have plenty of opportunities to visit their country of birth as the capital Tallinn is just a short ferry trip away from Helsinki.


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