OccupyNigeria protest from Finland (13.1.2012)

( Nigerians living in Finland joined their brothers and sisters in Nigeria and other parts of the world to protest the removal of fuel subsidy by the federal government.

Even at the harsh severe cold weather at -3 degree,  most of them turned up in their numbers to join in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Nigeria. In their protest speech, they called on the Nigerian government to fight corruption ,to address the challenges they have in power, infrastructure, insecurity and to create  job for her citizens.

 During the protest, a  little misunderstanding occured as few people were emphasizing that insecurity and issue of bokoharam should be the main message of the protest and not the removal of fuel subsidy. This issue nearly caused confusion among the groups involved.

Later, after the rally, Mr. Ikuesan and few others submitted a protest letters to the Finnish Parliament , the finnish President, the Prime Minister, the Foreign Affairs Minister, and the Head of Foreign Affairs Committee registering their protest on the removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria.


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