Police Detain Sexy African Woman For Deliberately Spreading HIV In Finland

More men have come forward as possible victims of an exotic dancer who police suspect deliberately tried to spread HIV. Her picture and name have been publicized in an effort to find others who may have sleep with her.

Police are investigating Tampere resident Judith Omondi-Mäkelä for aggravated assault, believing she had s33x with men in order to give them HIV. She has also gone by the name Rachel.

Before the police went public with her identity, they had already located seven men who had been in s3xual contact with the suspect. Police inspector Antti Heijari says that at least one of them has been diagnosed positive for HIV.

Omondi-Mäkelä consented to having her picture released, in hopes that her other possible s33x partners might have themselves tested for HIV.

According to investigations, Omondi-Mäkelä has probably had numerous partners, not all of whose identities remain unknown to authorities.

Most of those who have been identified met the suspect in connection with Tampere night life.

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