Nokia, the pride of Finland is gone! by Oladeji Ikuesan


The pride of Finland that started in a small town (also called Nokia) in the year 1865 is gone forever. This is an heartbreaking news but became a necessity when Nokia didn’t secure an exclusive deal with the Windows OS (Despite having Stephen Elop!!!! I kept wondering why- I suspected a foul play!). This must have been an hidden agenda from day one when Stephen Elop became the CEO.

Nokia made terrible decisions from launching of new products to marketing strategies thus reducing the value of its stocks drastically. Nokia’s patents alone are worth more than $5 billion according to industry experts.

Nokia’s glass office was sold few months back and I was wondering why! While studying in Espoo (Silicon Valley of Finland) my campus was just 5mins drive from Nokia’s head office and 3mins drive from Nokia Siemens. Even those that couldn’t get a job there are proud of having friends and buddies working there. The beautiful bride of Finland that was controlling more than 70% market share of the world’s mobile phones is now sold out to the bully (I still love and respect Bill Gate though) called Microsoft. $7.1 billion? Microsoft CEO (Steve Ballmer) definitely made the payment by just dipping his hand in his pocket without disturbing their bankers – and of course Nokia is gone forever.. Forever?… Forever? Forever-ever? Apologies to OutKast.

The rise and fall of Nokia will send a clear message to many Finnish companies to come down from their high horses. Never you get carried away with sudden success or keep being arrogant about your good technology instead of going all out to sell it! Stop telling people you have the best this and that GO OUT AND SELL IT!

Nokia invented the touch screen solution but pride and arrogance (oh we are the best! We are the best!) kept them from releasing the technology to the market before a lovely smart dude called “Steve Jobs”, despite breathing and living with a heart given to him by a donor then, taught Nokia a lesson -that to keep touching the inner heart of consumers with solutions- you must put yourself in the place of the consumers and give them products that will make their daily lives easier and more interesting – Steve Jobs did just that and made his world a little bit better than how he met it.

I still don’t know why I’m angry about this news – I feel like throwing some stones to release my anger like AngryBirds…… Seriously

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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