Is Nokia new Asha phones for rappers?

Global mobile device maker, Nokia at the weekend got behind Nigerian rap musicians in what it called Don’t Break Da Beat campaign, apparently to popularise its two latest Asha range of smartphones in the country.

The two new entry level smartphones and the rap competition were unveiled simultaneously, Friday night, with thousands of Nigerian youths turning the Grandeur Events centre, Ikeja, venue of the launch into beehive of activity from midnight Friday to Saturday morning.

Popular Rap stars, Modenine, Eva, phenone as well as a growing number of other upcoming rap artistes did their thing and thrilled scores of youths who took delight in Rap genre of music.

Shortly before the event became more of entertainment than technology,Nokia’s MD, West and Central Africa, Mr Nick Imudia, introduced the two devices, Nokia Asha 501 and 210. He described Asha 501 as the first of its kind in the next generation of Nokia Asha devices, using the new Asha operating system. He dubbed it perfectly suited to consumers in emerging markets looking to buy their first smartphone. The device features two main screens; ‘Home’ and ‘Fastlane’, for launching software and taking action on new notifications.

Both smartphones come with the Nokia Xpress browser which enables up to 85% data compression making it faster and cheaper for consumers to access the internet, browse, use web apps and update social networks.

He also described Asha 210 as an affordable all-in-one smartphone built to satisfy users’ need to be socially connected. It is a dual SIM smartphone with a 2.4 inch LCD display, fast and responsive QWERTY keypad and WiFi. It also comes with two dedicated buttons on the keyboard for users to access camera and social networks. The device offers a range of smart features such as voice guidance for taking perfect self-portraits, fast editing of images directly from the camera app and Nokia’s innovative Slam feature for transfer of content such as images or videos to another Bluetooth-enabled phone without the need to pair devices.

However, on why the company flagged off round 2 of Nokia Don’t Break Da Beat rap competition, marketing manager, Nokia Nigeria, Kesiena Ogbemi said it was to encourage and reward talent. he promised that this year’s competition would be bigger, better and more exciting. “The participants will be required to follow and like the Nokia Nigeria Twitter handle and Facebook page. The Judges – Modenine, Eva – will send out rap lines on both social network channels and contestants will then reply with their own lines to enter the competition. The judges will select the top 300 lines from across the country, and those entrants will then move on to the next phase of the competition. The winner of this year’s competition will get a whooping sum of $20,000″, he added.

World’s biggest smartphone now in Nigeria

As Nigerian market keeps attracting devices other markets crave to have, Samsung may have taken the shine off other vendors by introducing what can be described as the world’s largest smartphone.

Tagged Galaxy Mega, the device is a combination of a phone and a tablet, describing why it is pretty larger than normal smartphones in the market. It combines the portability and convenience of a smartphone with the power, multitasking capabilities and extensive viewing experience of a tablet.

Meanwhile, the company also debuted with two new models from its Wi-Fi-enabled Galaxy Tab 3 portfolio – the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 and the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1.

Director of Hand Held Products, Samsung Electronics West Africa, Mr. EmmanouilRevmatas, said the initiative was to empower the lives of consumers through Samsung’s advanced technologies. People expect a better viewing experience with larger screens on smartphones; the Samsung Galaxy Mega enables users to experience the essence of a smartphone and the power of a tablet. We are very excited and proud to introduce the device to Nigeria, fulfilling our consumers’ varying needs, whilst maintaining the high-quality features of the Galaxy series.”

The Galaxy Mega balances an optimal viewing experience on a 5.8-inch HD screen, yet is ultra-thin and portable enough to fit in a user’s pocket or in the palm of one hand. Powered by the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system and 1.4GHz dual core processor, the Galaxy Mega features an 8-megapixel rear camera, as well as a 2-megapixel front facing camera. It comes with 8GB internal memory and up to 64GB expandable storage. The device also boasts Samsung’s proprietary ‘Air View’ feature, which lets users preview photos, speed dial contacts and information in e-mails, without opening them.

The two new models from its Wi-Fi-enabled Galaxy Tab 3, blend the familiar Galaxy family feel in sleek and slim designs, with, compelling content and services designed for consumers’ everyday use. The latest Galaxy Tab family comes with Samsung’s proprietary SaFE (Samsung for Enterprise) feature, allowing users to work and play with confidence that their photos, e-mails and contacts are protected.

Avoiding hazards of your device


Typing with your thumb is not as harmless as it seems. In actual fact, health experts say that it causes a condition known as repetitive strain injury (RSI). Last week, we learned that prolonged use of ear phones can lead to deafness or mental disorientation. Here are safe tips to ensure that that device doesn’t harm or make you sick.

Problems from the computer screen?

Studies show that eye strain has become a common work-related health complaint, particularly among office workers. But some ophthalmologists argue that there are many misconceptions about sitting in front of a computer or TV screen for hours on end. Problems such as headaches usually stem from poor posture or distance from the screen, rather than the eyes being strained. While there is no evidence to show that computers cause long-term vision deterioration, sitting in front of a screen all day causes your blink rate to reduce from 20 times a minute to once or twice a minute, this has a tendency to dry the eyes.  To protect your eyes, take frequent breaks and intentionally blink more often.

Blackberry thumb,iPod finger

Are your thumbs sore or wrists aching? If you are an excessive mobile phone or iPod user, you could have “BlackBerry thumb” or “iPod finger”. Health experts in Australia are noticing a rise in repetitive strain injury (RSI)-style injuries, particularly with the advent of the internet on pocketsized hand-held devices. The American Society of Hand Therapists has issued a consumer alert, warning users of small electronic gadgets that heavy thumb use could lead to painful swelling of the sheath around the tendons in the thumb. The group recommends taking frequent breaks during emailing and resting your arms on a pillow for support.

Back breaking work?

No one could compare sitting at a computer screen to back breaking work until recently. To save your back and neck from torture, viewing distances that are too long can cause you to lean forward and strain to see small text.  This can fatigue the eyes and place stress on the torso because the backrest is no longer providing support.

Viewing distances that are too short may cause your eyes to work harder to focus and may require you to sit in awkward postures. For instance, you may tilt your head backward or push your chair away from the screen causing you to type with outstretched arms. Generally, the preferred viewing distance is between 20 and 40 inches (50 and 100 cm) from the eye to the front surface of the computer screen

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