NIGERIA: Why NECO should stay – NASU

Students in examination HallThe Non Academic Staff Union of Education and Associated Institutions, (NASU) National Examination Council (NECO Branch) has made a passionate appeal to the federal government not to contemplate the scrapping of the Council as it would be a set back to the
education of the country and also negate a key essence in the transformation agenda of the federal government which is job creation.

Addressing Journalists in Minna, Niger state, yesterday, chairman of NECO branch of the Union, comrade Abdulrasheed Rabana said the idea or recommendation of scrapping the Council shouldn’t have been contemplated at all adding that investment in education should be seen as a matter of national security and should not be a compromise at all.

“It is worrisome to every discerning mind that  such a National Asset into which the nation has invested so much vision as well as human and material resources would be contemplated to fall a victim of yet another in the series of our much derided policy summersault just on the logic of rationalizing governance.”

He noted that rather than see the existence of the Council as a burden, it should be seen as a mark of national achievement pointing out that countries that still manage with one examination Institution are now struggling  to establish more examination bodies especially
with the global explosion in school enrolments and by implication, examination candidates.

According to him, “any attempt to interrupt the promising progress being recorded in NECO via scrapping is a beckon at a great setback in the nation’s drive towards the much celebrated argument about self reliance in the education which is a key aspect of the transformation agenda of the current administration and should anything unexpected happens to WAEC tomorrow, and with no national body to fall back to, where does Nigeria run to.”

Comrade Rabana wondered on what becomes the entire workforce of the council in case the recommendation is carried out saying. “as I address you, NECO has about 4000 workforce majority of them very skilled and technical senior staffers. Where do these Nigerians run
to? Which allied organization is big enough to absorb them all. What eventually becomes their fate and that of their dependants and what definition are we giving the transformation Agendas?”

The Union leader  noted that if a section of the people find fault in the operational system of the Council, rather than recommend or support total scrapping of such a sensitive organization, suggestions on ways of improving on the present standard could be given instead of calling for the scrapping.

He said though no official statement has been sent to the Council to validate the claim but added that watching and remaining silent over the sensitive issue will continue to have a negative impact on the productivity of the staff and therefore called on all well meaning
Nigerians being stakeholders to play a positive part in rescuing the Council.

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