NIGERIA: Unemployed graduates in Bayelsa give Dickson 30-day ultimatum

Governor Seriake Dickson

Unemployed youths in Bayelsa State, under the aegis of Unemployed Graduates Forum, have issued a 30-day ultimatum to the state government to create 70,000 jobs for unemployed youths in the state.

The group warned that it might be forced to mobilise the army of unemployed youths in the state for a massive occupy Bayelsa protest across the state, if the government failed to meet its demand.

The group is calling on the state government to creat 20,000 jobs for graduates and 50,000 jobs for skilled and unskilled labour with incentives to stimulate employment generation.

The group said its members came out in large number to vote for Governor Seriake Dickson in the last governorship election to restore the hope of the people.

Acting State Coordinator of the group, Mr. Binaebi Oyeghe, in a statement, called on Governor Dickson to intervene in their plight, as they struggled daily with economic hardship, emotional and psychological anguish.

He said: “We are not fortunate to live in a society that operates a welfare state where unemployed persons are assured of social security and receive a token unemployment benefit from government.”

The statement condemned the placing of embargo on employment by the state, describing same as a retrogressive policy.

“The blatant refusal of government to create opportunities for the large army of unemployed persons is a gross violation of our human rights as enshrined in Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as we have the right to work, and choice of employment,” he said.

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