Paula Deen: “I Would Have Freed My Slaves, Probably”

Celebrity chef Paula DeenSAVANNAH (CAP) – Celebrity chef Paula Deen, who was dropped by the Food Network after she admitted to having used racial slurs and spoke longingly of slaves and slavery, is saying that the media's portrayal of her has been "grossly inaccurate."
"I can honestly say that, if I had been a plantation owner, I would have probably freed all of my slaves, eventually," she said in a videotaped message to her fans. "I'm not saying I would have wanted to, because it would have been so nice to dress the colored folks up in nice little outfits and have them serve us our mint juleps and peach cobbler.
"But I would have, because it would have been the right thing to do at some point, I guess," she added.
Deen – who's known for her high-fat dishes and whose earlier recipes included such Southern specialties as Darkie Donuts, Uncle Tom's Cabbage and Sambo Stew – says that she respects people of all colors and creeds, as long as they are willing to eat an entire stick of butter in one sitting.
But many seem skeptical: In addition to the Food Network, Little Debbie is apparently breaking off a planned partnership with Deen to promote their Iced Honey Buns by baking them into a pork loin.
Meanwhile, First Lady Michelle Obama is said to be considering backing off her plan to humiliate one fat child a week, and instead focus exclusively on humiliating Paula Deen.

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