The July – September edition of BBC Focus on Africa has dug up a new turn of event for the movie ‘Anchorbaby’. In a two page article dedicated to the movie, Leslie Goffe, the brain behind the article pointed ‘Anchorbaby’ out as ‘A movie with its roots in Africa that points to a bigger debate happening about the levels of immigration to the United States’.

According to tAnchor_Baby___he article, ‘A lot of Americans are pointing to ‘Anchor Baby’ as proof that the country’s legal system is being abused’. It is exciting for us as Africans, that one of our own movies could have such impact on the number one nation of the world.

It is a well known fact that Nigerian movies are popular all over the word but the effect of ‘Anchor Baby’ on the international scene, I guess, is more that what anyone including the producer of the movie, Lonzo Nzekwe bargained for.

‘Anchor Baby’ is one movie that has been overwhelmingly greeted by a lot of accolades, but it is now obvious that there is no limit to the amount of accolades the movie deserves. Known for a sold out success in the two continent and three countries it has been to and for the numerous awards accrued to it, specifically, 8 international awards from 11 International film festivals, ‘Anchor Baby ’is one successful movie that we all will continue treasure for a long time.

‘Anchor Baby’ tells the story of Paul Unanga (Sam Sarpong), Joyce Unanga (Omoni Oboli) a Nigerian couple based in the United States but who as at the time, have become illegal immigrants. Joyce is five months pregnant with the couple’s first child and the husband and wife are trying to hide from security agents despite being told to leave by voluntary departure but they are determined to have their baby born in America so as to make the baby an American citizen who can then facilitate same for the parents later on. Paul was later caught and deported while Joyce stayed back to struggle on her own to achieve their dream. The love, hope, pain and struggle that came with this decision is bound to stir up some emotion in you.

‘Anchor Baby’ is a compelling and thoroughly illuminating movie that would remain in the history of Nollywood as one of the best movies on the Nollywood runway.




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